Zojirushi Rice Cooker Steamer

Zojirushi Rice Cooker Steamer

Below are different Zojirushi rice cooker steamer units that are part of the Zojirushi NHS series rice steamers. These cookers come in sizes of 3 cup, 6 cup, and 10 cup bowl capacities, make cook quality rice, and also allow folks to prepare healthy steamed food while the rice cooks below.

(models listed subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Zojirushi NHS Models


  • Zojirushi NHS-06 (3 Cup Capacity)
  • Zojirushi NHS-10 (6 Cup Capacity)
  • Zojirushi NHS-18 (10 Cup Capacity


The NHS Zojirushi rice cooker steamer models are some of the few cookers in their product line up that allows folks to cook rice and steam food at the same time.

These rice steamers come with a non-stick bowl for easy serving and hassle free clean up, a rice paddle, and a steaming tray with small holes that sits atop the bowl utilizing the steam from the boiling rice water below.

The Zojirushi NHS cookers are more of a basic style one lever cooker and do not come equipped with Zojirushi’s advanced fuzzy logic monitoring technology as like their more expensive units.

Instead, these Zojirushi rice cooker steamers will rely on a temperature sensor that detects when there is little water left and automatically switch into its keep warm mode once complete.

The quality of the rice is of a good/average standard whether cooking white rice or brown rice, and only a minimum learning curve is required for personalized texture.

Any Cons?

Zojirushi rice cookers are some of the most elite in the industry and these NHS cookers are no different.

However, the only negative feedback we have gathered is that like all basic cookers of this design, some folks may experience starchy bubbling and spitting out of the small steam hole and out of the sides of the cooker (if not using the steaming tray).

Others have reported slight crusting on the bottom which is normal for all basic rice cookers that do not use fuzzy logic technology.

However, to help avoid these boil over issues, try adding a little olive oil to the mix and or replace the lid with aluminum foil along with always having the steam tray on top of the bowl when cooking.

To help avoid the crusting issue, avoid using powered seasoning as this does contribute to more crusting, and keep note when the rice is almost done giving a quick stir before manually switching it into the keep warm mode.

However, do keep in mind the crusting is not at burning levels and remains slight.

Well, those are the current Zojirushi rice cooker steamer models offered by this top-leading brand. We hope this page was helpful for those looking for a reliable rice steamer.

Please compare these cookers with the Tiger JAZ series and Aroma ARC-856 (6 Cup) rice cooker before making a final selection.