Zojirushi NS-XAC05 Review

Zojirushi NS-XAC05 – Perfect Size For Singles & Couples

Price Range: High

Rice Quality: Good

Benefits & Features: Several

Performance: Good

Pros vs. Cons: Balanced
Overall Rating: Good

Like Risotto? The Zojirushi NS-XAC05 3 cup rice cooker makes it just fine, and with ease. It acts as a steamer cooker, and also offers a setting for white rice and sushi.

However, we feel that for such a small rice cooker it should be a little less expensive, especially when compared to some larger brands & models of this caliber. It does not offer anything that much more or less for the price tag…although it does seem to have its share of benefits.

Looks Great on the Counter and Saves Space

The Zojirushi NS-XAC05 rice cooker is one of the few Zojirushi units that are round. Now depending on your counter this may or may not be a good thing, but for the most part it should prove to be a great space saver.

Its small size is great for folks who live alone or with a partner and can cook white rice, sushi, and risotto all in about an hours time. The only thing this unit will probably not do so great is cook brown rice.

And since there are no specific settings for brown rice, folks who frequently eat brown rice should pass this unit up for another model that does.

We have not heard any complaints about boil-over issues, nor do we expect any due to the cookers well-sealed top lid and great steam ventilation.

It remains pretty straight-forward to operate and the one touch operation will get you going fast. Just add the correct measurements, plug, set, and forget.

Included with the Zojirushi NS-XAC05 is a measuring cup, rice paddle with holder, non-stick bowl, and steaming tray.



  • counter top space saver
  • has a steamer tray and function
  • prepares rice in less time compared to other models
  • pan is non-stick and easy to clean
  • modern stylish design
  • keeps rice warm once complete




  • no LCD display panel
  • expensive for only a 3 cup capacity
  • not the best choice for cooking brown rice
  • no programmable timer
  • not suitable for larger households


Where to Buy a Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Purchase at Amazon.com

Judging by the pros and cons ask yourself if the Zojirushi NS-XAC is right for you. Browse this section and compare it to other models (may we suggest the NS-TGC10 of similar price that has a larger cup capacity).

We do like the fact that the Zojirushi NS-XAC05 comes equipped with a steamer tray for veggies, but after researching Zojirushi’s website and scanning through the online manual it does not appear that folks could cook rice simultaneously.

Ok, let’s wrap this up. We like this model…it is a cute little appliance, and will make a nice addition to your kitchen as well as a great gift idea. It will also cook rice better than a Cuisinart CRC400 rice cooker (a model we happen to fancy despite some negative feedback).

Even though it would not be a mistake purchasing this unit, don’t take your credit card out just yet. For the money, just quickly compare it to other models on the Best 3 Cup Cookers Page.

Also note that this model comes in 3 color choices: Silver (above pic), White, and Yellow. There is a stainless steel version as well.

Measures Approx: 9.5 x 8.9 x 8.7 Inches (3 Cup Capacity | 9 Cups Cooked Rice)