Zojirushi Commercial Rice Cooker

The NYC-36 Zojirushi commercial rice cooker has a 20 cup capacity which is good for yielding around 60 cups of cooked white rice (in rice cooker cup measurements), performs well, and make good quality rice.

The unit comes with a non-stick bowl, extra-large serving spatula, and special measuring cup for ensuring correct water to rice ratio.

This rice cooker has received some good consumer feedback throughout the net and is perfect for folks who need a reliable rice cooker that can make a lot of rice in not only a good amount of time, but with consistent results also.

This Zojirushi model is a good choice to consider and although it is on the expensive side is ideal for those who do a lot of catering events or for folks who own restaurants where large portions of rice are in demand.


Benefits of The Zojirushi NYC-36

This Zojirushi commercial rice cooker brings several things to the table when compared to other rice cookers of this size.

First, is that unlike most Panasonic commercial rice cookers this model utilizes a sealed top lid design which helps improve rice texture and consistency, locks in moisture and flavor, and allows the unit to stay in the keep warm mode for extended periods of time without drying the rice out.

Also, when the rice cooker is in operation, the sealed top lid design also prevents boil over issues sometimes associated with the removable glass top lids that come with some Aroma models and most Panasonic commercial cookers.

Granted these brand rice cookers are also less expensive and do make decent quality rice also.

Another thing folks should favor about this Zojirushi commercial rice cooker is the fact that it has a nice stainless steel outer shell design giving it a more attractive and “professional” sleek appearance.

The Zojirushi NYC-36 is a good unit to consider and although the rice quality is not as high as Zojrushi’s smaller fuzzy logic cookers it still yields an acceptable standard and good results…especially when cooking regular white rice.

Brown rice, sushi, mixed, jasmine rice, etc. may require some slight trial and error for preferred texture.

We would also like folks to compare this Zojirushi commercial rice cooker to the Tiger JNO-A360 model which looks the same and offers similar benefits at a slightly lower cost.