Zojirushi 10 Cup Rice Cooker

Zojirushi 10 Cup Rice Cooker

Reviews of some Zojirushi 10 cup rice cooker models that performance well and make great tasting rice. We have posted two fuzzy logic cookers and one basic cooker for folks to consider. See all Zojirushi models on the “Zojirushi” main page.

(model list subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Zojirushi NS-ZCC18

As we stated on the Zojirushi 5 cup cooker page, this larger version of the NS-ZCC10 will make very good quality white rice, brown rice, and sushi all with the press of few buttons.

Perfect for large households, this 10 cup rice cooker will yield around 30 cups of cooked white rice and uses Fuzzy Logic technology which not only cooks the rice, but pays attention on how it is cooking. If needed, the cooker will make adjustments in temperature and cooking times that, in a way, also makes up for slight errors in water measurements.

The result is a near-perfect batch of rice after each use, all without the guess work and hassle associated with using cheaper cookers. The unit is easy to use and comes with a non-stick bowl for easy serving and cleaning.

It has a great keep warm mode that will hold the rice at a ready to serve temperature once complete, and will not boil over or crust the bottom layer or rice.

The unit has a modern design, durable parts, and will last for year with proper care. It may be just a little pricey, but is worthwhile should folks get use out of it daily.

Zojirushi NP-HTC18

This Zojirushi 10 cup rice cooker is probably one of the most expensive consumer rice cookers currently on the market!

It uses Induction heating, pressure cooking, and “GABA” cooking all in one unit which produces some of the best brown rice dishes folks can achieve from an electric cooker.

Granted the price is very high and should only be considered if brown rice is on the menu more than white rice…and if folks plan to use it daily to justify the cost. Also note that the “GABA” setting is for only making brown rice which also adds an additional 2 hours to the soaking time. However, once complete, the brown rice is at its most healthiest and best texture.

Keep in mind there is a preset timer with this unit to help counter the long soaking times.

Aside from excellent quality brown rice, there are settings for white rice, sushi rice, mixed rice, and porridge. When preparing white rice, the unit also offers 3 different texture settings, regular, soft, or firm.

It too sports a keep warm mode and comes with a non-stick bowl. Despite the technical first impression some folks may get the unit is pretty straight forward to operate.

A good cooker to consider with a handsome look and feel, but may or may not fit everyone’s budget. We also wish it offered other features and benefits such as a steaming and slow cooking option with that price tag.

Zojirushi NS-RNC18

For a Zojirushi 10 cup rice cooker that is a little more easier on the wallet and more on the basic side, we recommend folks check out the NS-RNC-18.

The cooker is easy to use, just measure and push down on a lever, like the above cookers has a non stick inner bowl that is easy to clean, and will not cause boil over issues.

Other key points we liked about this cooker is that it has a retractable cord for freeing up clutter behind the unit, a great keep warm mode, stay cool carrying handle for easy transport and serving, and a condensation collector that allows water to drip away from the top layer of rice without making a soggy spot in the center.

Water will not drip down the unit either thank to the domed design.

Our only complaints is that it is a bit pricey for a basic cooker and does not come with a steaming tray. Folks may also experience mild rice crusting on the bottom layer of rice when using this Zojirushi 10 cup rice cooker which is common with all basic cookers that do not use Micro-computerized technology.

Another great rice cooker to compare this one to is the Tiger “JNP”.