Tiger Rice Cooker

Tiger Rice Cooker Reviews

Buying any Tiger rice cooker model is a good choice! Throughout our research on forums and customer comment blogs we have come up with a majority of positive feedback on most of these units.

(model list and/or overall rating(s) subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Tiger Models (computerized)

Tiger JKC-R10U – The versatile Tiger JKC-R10U 5.5 cup Induction Heating rice cooker makes great tasting rice using multiple settings, slow cooks meals, and even bakes bread. Expensive, but in the long run may very well be worth it, read more. (5.5 Cup Capacity)
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Tiger JAY-A55U – The Tiger JAY-A55U 3 cup rice cooker does a great job at cooking consistent white and brown rice along with other grain types. Although a little pricy, its small size makes it perfect for singles and couples. See full review. (3 Cup Capacity)
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Tiger JAG-S18U – The 10 cup Tiger JAG-S18U rice cooker will make moist fluffy brown rice, white rice, and mixed rice consistently for each use. Discover what makes the Tiger JAG-S18U worth purchasing. (10 Cup Capacity)
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Tiger Models (basic)

Tiger JNP Series – Tiger JNP rice cookers are one of the best single switch cookers sold. While there are just a few little cons, overall, these models make great rice and are durable. Units range from 3 cups to 10 cups.
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Tiger JAZ Series – Tiger JAZ rice steamer cookers make good white and brown rice and like the JNP cookers remain a good buy. Browse ratings, descriptions, reviews, and pros & cons. (5.5 or 10 Cup Capacity)
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Where to Buy a Tiger Rice Cooker

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Basic Information About Tiger Rice Cookers

These units offer a quality build, have very few parts, will match the decor of many kitchens, and above all cook great rice for years on end with great consistency.

There are two types of Tiger rice warmer and cookers. Models like the JNP and JAZ have a simple one switch design allowing folks the ease of a “set and forget” style rice cooker. All a person needs to do is measure, add rice, plug, press, and let the cooker do the rest.

More versatile models such as the JAG-S18U offer a more modern look and feel, come with computerized settings, and can be programmed for a convenient start/finish time.

But no matter what type of unit you go with, your Tiger cooker will produce fantastic meals better than most others. In fact, they rival Zojirushi rice cookers in virtually every aspect!

Great for Cooking Brown Rice and Other Types

For many folks, preparing brown rice just right takes some trial and error. But with a Tiger rice cooker, the guess work is over.

Tiger cookers have a very well insulated bowl and cook with a build-in simple technology that they refer to as “Surround Heating”. This is very close, if not the same way the more expensive IH (Induction Heating) rice cookers work which uses pressure while cooking rice.

Heat is equally distributed throughout the bowl cooking the rice evenly. This helps maintain rice consistency and ensures that it comes out moist and fluffy…not undercooked or dry.

On the computerized models, along with specific rice settings, Tiger also uses their own version of “Fuzzy Logic” which not only evenly cooks the rice, but also monitors how it is cooking by adjusting temperature and cooking time. This means that no matter the type of rice offered by the onboard menu, it will come out great.

However, results do vary by variety and adding the proper instructed water to rice ratio measurements is key!

For the price, we believe that Tiger rice cookers are the best rice cookers as they have been reported to last for over 10 years without a hiccup on quality. Tiger cookers outperform all of their competitors on the durability front.

They are easy to use, easy to clean, and will be the perfect companion for folks who simply love their daily plate of rice without the hassle!

Definitely Worth Considering.