Tiger JAG-S18U Review

Tiger JAG-S18U 10 Cup Rice Cooker Review

Price Range: High

Rice Quality: Very Good

Benefits & Features: Few

Performance: Good

Pros vs. Cons: Pros Outweigh Cons
Overall Rating: Good

A 10 cup Tiger JAG-S18U rice cooker is perfect for large households, small restaurant/café’s, and even for folks who own a Chinese take out business.

This model makes up to 30 cooked cups of moist and fluffy white rice and can also prepare mixed and brown rice too all with consistent results. In fact one plus benefit about Tiger rice cookers is their ability to maintain rice consistency throughout years of use.

While this model is not the most counter top friendly due to its size, it does have a stylish design and cooks at a decent pace. Of course the larger the capacity the longer it will take, but the plus side is the generous keep warm function which will keep the rice moist and warm for hours.

It will not turn it crusty or dry it out so long as the lid is firmly shut. This works best with white rice.

When it is time for clean up, the non-stick bowl makes it a breeze as does the detachable stainless steel lid. Just remember to use warm soapy water and a soft sponge so as not to scratch the Teflon.

Other key features of this Tiger 10 cup rice cooker include a large easy to read LCD display panel, soft touch buttons, and specific settings for several rice types; white, brown, mixed, etc.

Scrolling through the menu is not complicated and remains simple so folks could get their meal started quickly.

The TIGER JAG-S18U also uses technology to monitor how the rice is cooking changing temperature and cooking time when needed. This key benefit ensures folks get the same textured batch (when using close measurements) for each use.



  • makes great rice
  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • large cup capacity
  • does not leak steam
  • keep warm mode & reheat mode
  • programmable settings & multiple rice settings




  • does not offer steaming function for vegetables
  • long cook times for larger cup sizes
  • a little on the heavy side
  • too large for small counters


Where to Buy a Tiger Rice Cooker

Purchase from Amazon.com

Should folks buy it?

We believe it would be far from a poor choice, but before you do, just quickly compare it to other models on this site that share the same cup capacity:see “Best 10 Cup Cookers” page.

We suggest this since there are some other great choices that also allow for vegetables steaming. Be sure to check out the Tiger JNP 10 Cup Cooker Aroma ARC-940SB…or the Sanyo ECJ-HC100S (slow cooks too) as well.

Tip: keep unit plugged in to prolong the internal battery life…please note the unit will still continue to perform properly without it as it just runs the clock when the unit is unplugged. Life of battery is approx. 4 years.

Measurements: 13 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches; 10 Cup Capacity (approx. 30 Cups Cooked)