Sanyo Rice Cookers

Sanyo Rice Cooker Models Discontinued

Important Update! Due to Panasonic’s purchase of Sanyo, all Sanyo rice cooker models have been phased out.


While we are still keeping this page up for the time being, please reseach either Zojirushi or Panasonic rice cookers since the below units are no longer available.


Sanyo Models List


Sanyo ECJ-JG10W – The New Sanyo ECJ-JG10W is Sanyo’s latest model that offers folks settings for white & brown rice among others and uses a pressure control system for producing high quality texture. (5.5 Cup Capacity) Currently Unrated on this Site
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Sanyo ECJ-HC55S – The slow cooker & rice cooker Sanyo ECJ-HC55S is a versatile unit favored by many and receives positive consumer feedback. Cook rice, stews, boil eggs, steam vegetables & more. A great little kitchen multitasker! (5.5 Cup Capacity)
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Sanyo ECJ-HC100S – The larger version of the above ECJ-HC55S Sanyo rice cooker model; the Sanyo ECJ-HC100S 10 cup rice cooker is a wise choice and is a great multitasking unit. Cook delicious rice, slow cook stews, sauce, and soups, steam vegetables and more. (10 Cup Capacity)
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Sanyo ECJ-PX50S – The multitasking Sanyo ECJ-PX50S 5 cup pressure rice cooker will make great rice, and also soup, oatmeal, eggs, and more. A great all around appliance…however, it has its share of cons. (5 Cup Capacity)
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Update! Item May Be Discontinued


Sanyo ECJ-S35K – This 3 Cup Sanyo ECJ-S35K cooker is one of the best small rice cookers for the money. Discover multiple benefits to cooking rice with this model which is great for small households or live-along chefs. (3 Cup Capacity)
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Sanyo ECJ-F50S – Like the above models, this Sanyo ECJ-F50S model makes great white, brown, mixed, and rinse free rice as well as slow cooks and steams. Overall, a good buy but shares some small cons worth checking. (5 Cup Capacity)
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Sanyo ECJ-M100S – The Sanyo ECJ-M100S is a great deal for a fuzzy logic rice cooker and will prepare very good quality white & brown rice. Multiple benefits & features and easy to. (10 Cup Capacity)
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Sanyo ECJ-D100S – Another great all-in-1 rice cooker & slow cooker combo is the Sanyo ECJ-D100S 10 cup rice cooker. It has the similar look, feel, and benefits as the above ECJ-F50S, along with great performance. (10 Cup Capacity)
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Update! Item May Be Discontinued


Sanyo ECJ-N55W – The Sanyo ECJ-N55W is a good basic rice cooker with a 5.5 cup raw capacity. Easy to operate, makes good quality white rice, steams veggies, and prepares soup. A good buy, discover more. (5.5 Cup Capacity)
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Sanyo EC-503 – The Sanyo EC-503 3 cup rice cooker offers a simple operation and makes decent rice, but there is a small learning curve regarding the water to rice ratio (mainly with brown rice). Discover pros & cons and research similar models before making a final choice. (3 Cup Capacity)
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Basic Information on Sanyo Rice Cookers

Sanyo may not be the most popular name on the market concerning rice cookers, but their units offer a lot for the money. In fact, for paying sometimes half the price they are just as good, if not better than some Zojirushi cookers which are one of the most elite in the industry.

Sanyo Builds Micro Computerized Rice Cookers

Like Zojirushi, Sanyo offers a line of rice cookers that use both Fuzzy Logic and micro computerized technology. This technology does more than just cook rice as it will also monitor how the rice is cooking and will adjust temperature and cooking time.

This means that folks always get a bowl of moist consistent rice every time. The days of soggy or undercooked rice are over.

However, not all Sanyo rice cookers are micro computerized, and there is a basic line up of models that just boil the rice until it is finished.

More Than Just a Rice Cooker

Cook rice, steam vegetables, boil eggs, prepare oatmeal, and slow cook stews and soups!

It is in this category where spending your money on a Sanyo unit pays for itself over and over. Certain models come equipped with both rice cooking, slow cooking, and pressure cooking settings.

These versatile benefits allow the owner to do more than just cook rice, but can also have an entire meal prepared for the whole family. During our research, the “slow cooking” setting does a pretty good job and is not just so-so. Overall, most folks seem very pleased with it.

Like modern slow cookers, all Sanyo rice and slow cooker units come with a programmable timer allowing a person to select the start/finish time. The only possible con is that the maximum cook time is anywhere between 8 and 12 hours, depending on the specific model


Cook Multiple Rice Types Perfectly

Another plus is that most Sanyo rice cookers offer specific settings for brown rice, white rice, sweet, wild, mixed rice, sushi, and more. The units also feature a “rice texture setting” for desired grain character (such as moist or sticky).

Along with other brands like Panasonic, Tiger, and Zojirushi, there is just a slight learning curve regarding the water to rice ratio in order to get it perfect. But as mentioned above, the Sanyo will adjust to make up for slight measuring errors for the most part


Whether you need a basic and simple rice cooker, or a slow-cooking multitasker, Sanyo rice cooker models remain a fine choice. Not all of them are great, but most will perform well, last long under normal usage, and provide years of well-cooked meals.