Sanyo ECJ-S35K Review

Sanyo ECJ-S35K Discontinued

Important! Due to Panasonic’s purchase of the Sanyo Brand, most if not all units are limited and/or no longer available. For a model of similar caliber…please research the Zojirushi NS-LAC05


The Sanyo ECJ-S35K is actually a 3.5 cup cooker that can prepare around 10 cooked cups of great tasting white rice all in under an hour.

Aside from white rice, there are specific settings for brown, mixed, sprouted, and rinse free. Since such settings require more cooking time, the Sanyo also has a quick setting for when you’re in a hurry, (but rice quality is lowered).


However, when using these settings for each rice type, the Sanyo’s micro-computerized technology monitors how the selected rice is cooking and makes adjustments where and when needed. The extra thick bowl provides even heat distribution ensuring that every grain is cooked equally.

Results are fantastic and so long as folks added the proper water to rice measurements as instructed, the rice will be consistently-pleasing after each use.

The large LCD digital display panel is easy to understand and use, just press a button and scroll through the menu to the desired rice type. This Sanyo 3 cup rice cooker also offers a 24 hour preset timer for selecting a finish time. A keep warm feature maintains moisture and holds the rice at a ready to eat temperature until you’re ready to serve.

The unit comes with a measuring cup, rice paddle, non-stick bowl, and booklet containing 16 original recipes from Pro-chef Martin Yan.

For what it offers, along with the Zojirushi NS-LAC05, the Sanyo ECJ-S35K is the best small rice cooker for the money.




  • attractive modern design looks great in the kitchen
  • small size ideal for singles or couples
  • very good quality rice
  • non-stick cleaning
  • offers timer options
  • retractable cord & stay cool carrying handle




  • a bit pricy for cup size
  • no steaming options (size not ideal for this additional benefit)
  • long cook times for brown rice & mixed rice (approx. 1 1/2 hrs)



To conclude, this Sanyo rice cooker is perfect for live-alone chefs and couples who want to have rice in their daily diet along with the convenience and capability to cook consistently healthy rice without guesswork.

We should also mention one other benefit the Sanyo ECJ-S35K comes equipped with which is the ability to cook bread. We have heard some mediocre feedback concerning this feature, and while it is not specifically designed to do so, the quality is pretty decent.

Just not as good as actual bread machines which offer additional settings.

A small, easy to use, and efficient rice cooker by Sanyo that is worth the cost for daily use.

Tip: to prolong the internal battery life keep the unit plugged in. Keep in mind that the cooker will still perform properly without the battery as it just runs the clock when the unit is unplugged. Life of battery is approx. 4 yrs.

Measures: 11 x 9 x 8 Inches | 3.5 Cup Capacity (approx. 10 Cups Cooked Rice)