Sanyo ECJ-M100S Review

Sanyo ECJ-M100S

Important! Since Panasonic purchased the Sanyo Brand, most if not all Sanyo cookers are no longer available. For models of similar caliber…please research Aroma Cookers Here


At the time of this writing, the Sanyo ECJ-M100S seems to be one of the best 10 cup fuzzy logic rice cookers in its price range.

As of 5/5/10, this is one of Sanyo’s newer models with releasing it somewhere in the earlier part of 2010, and since then it has gained some positive 5 star “verified purchase” reviews.


Sanyo ECJ-M100S Benefits & Features

This Sanyo 10 cup fuzzy logic rice cooker brings a lot to the table offering folks up to 8 different cooking settings. There are specific settings for: white rice, brown rice, sushi rice, porridge and/or soup, a steaming option, a cake baking option, and a quick cook option.

The unit has a 15 hour preset time for automatic start/finish times, and a generous keep warm mode that holds the rice at an ideal serving temperature, all while keeping the rice moist and fluffy (recommended for white rice only). we are not sure of the total time the keep warm mode will stay on for.

As stated above, this cooker uses fuzzy logic when cooking rice. This technology does more than boil water and will actually monitor how the selected rice type is cooking making subtle adjustments in overall water temperature as well as cooking time. Fuzzy logic rice cookers also make up for slight errors in water measurement.

We have heard that the quality of both the white rice and brown rice comes out to an above standard quality with minimum rice crusting issues on the bottom layer; if any at all!

We like the fact that it offers a food steaming setting, but are not sure if folks can steam food while the rice is cooking. So for folks who are reading this, please drop us an email and let us know so we can update this page for others.

The Sanyo ECJ-M100S rice cooker comes with a measuring cup, non stick bowl, steaming tray, rice paddle with side holder, and manual. It will prepare up to approx. 30 cups of cooked white rice making it great for large households.




  • great price for a 10 cup fuzzy logic cooker
  • non stick easy serving and cleaning
  • stay cool carrying handles
  • multiple benefits & features for the price
  • very good rice quality





  • long cook times for brown rice (due to programmed soaking setting)
  • takes up counter room
  • no clock or programmable timer (only a preset)
  • some report very slight rice crusting on bottom
  • no slow cooking setting | no simultaneous food steaming?



Another possible con is that one user did state that the power cord contains lead. But we cannot confirm this, nor does it come in contact with the rice or inner workings of the unit.

One other pro to mention is that folks do not need to worry about a battery replacement as like some more expensive fuzzy logic cookers mentioned on this site.

Overall the Sanyo ECJ-M100S is a very good 10 cup rice steamer cooker for the money and is worth purchasing. So far we have not seen anything in this price range that rivals it! Not even the Aroma ARC-1000 cooker which we recently knocked down to just “Good”.


Measurements: 10.5 x 11 x 11 Inches | 10 Cup Capacity (approx. 30 Cups Cooked Rice)