Sanyo ECJ-JG10W Review

Price Range: Expensive

Rice Quality: n/a

Benefits & Features: Multiple

Performance: n/a

Pros vs. Cons: n/a
Overall Rating: New & Currently Unrated

The New Sanyo ECJ-JG10W pressure rice cooker is one of Sanyo’s latest models to hit the market and like other rice cookers of this caliber is quite expensive and might not fit everyone’s means.

Since it is fairly young on the web with little consumer feedback we are currently giving it a sort of *estimated review since there are little reports to go off of.

So far, no reviews on Sanyo’s website or eBay.

We did however checked Amazon’s helpful customer reviews only to find a current 5 Star rating in which the owner stated that the cooker is easy to use and that they were pleased that it made what they thought was bad outdated rice come out to an excellent quality.

On the flip side, we have another reviewer give it only 1 Star since it seemed to arrive defected and only worked for a few times…something which is just the nature of having an electrical appliance get shipped to you and happens with all rice cookers from time to time…it’s too early to tell if there are a batch of lemons at this point.

Rice Settings & Other Benefits

What we can report on right now is what features the Sanyo ECJ-JG10W offers folks.

This Sanyo pressure rice cooker should make very good to excellent quality rice as it is one of the few Sanyo cookers to use a variable pressure control system which cooks the rice at a higher temperature resulting in better texture and superior flavor…whether it be white rice or brown rice.

The cooker also uses IH (induction heating) coils for more evenly cooked rice and employs Sanyo’s fuzzy logic technology to monitor how the rice is cooking making slight temperature and cooking time adjustments along the way.

The usual outcome is an above standard rice texture that is unmatched by less expensive basic cookers or normal stove top cooking.

Settings on the Sanyo ECJ-JG10W are: white rice, brown rice, sushi, mixed, sprouted brown, rinse free, and Haiga. There is also a texture setting, but at this time we believe it is only for the white rice setting as like offered on other Sanyo units.


Other settings include a quick cook setting and also a steaming feature which allows folks to prepare healthy steamed vegetables, seafood, etc. Granted we are sure folks cannot cook rice and steam food at the same time. For that neat benefit, check out some of the Aroma Brand rice cooker units.

When considering what this new Sanyo cooker does, (or should do) it is probably a great unit to go with and is a good model to compare to the elite Zojirushi NP series cookers that use the same rice cooking methods/technology. We just need more information to give it an honest recommendation

Pros & Cons?

Usually this is the section where we give a list of pros & cons but cannot do so since there is little out there to solidify such findings. We’ll keep our visitors updated.

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Also, for those who are reading this page and who have used or own this Sanyo ECJ-JG10W rice cooker, would you please use our contact form and send us as many details on both your likes and dislikes, along with how it performs, rice quality, or any other minor details?

That would be greatly appreciated and would help us out along with those who are considering to purchase this latest model.

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