Sanyo ECJ-HC55S Review

Sanyo ECJ-HC55S

Important! Due to Panasonic’s purchase of the Sanyo Brand, most if not all units are limited and/or no longer available. For a model of similar caliber…please research the Panasonic SR-MS103


Many folks seem to favor this versatile micro-computerized Sanyo ECJ-HC55S model. With the ability to cook both rice and slow cook stews and soups makes this 2 in 1 machine a great kitchen appliance.

When considering its price, performance, and multiple features, we believe that this is one of the better buys out there and is great for folks who want more than just a rice cooker.


Make Multitasking Easy


The easy to use operation gives the owner a broad range of selections and settings. Prepare great tasting white rice, brown rice, sushi rice, as well as mixed rice. There is also a “quick cook” function for faster completion.

This Sanyo ECJ-HC55S model will always maintain rice consistency thanks to both the internal technology which monitors how the rice is cooking and the extra thick titanium coated bowl which ensures even heat distribution. This machine virtually takes the guess work out of preparing great tasting rice…especially brown rice types.

Folks can also select their rice Texture, (white rice only).


Slow Cooking

For slow cooking, the unit has a 12 hour total cook time, and offers both high and low temperature settings. This model comes with two non stick bowls…one for rice cooking, and one for slow cooking. There are also two separate trays for steaming vegetables, tofu, or eggs.

The slow cooking feature works great and is just as good, if not better, than your average Crock Pot. Sanyo did not spare or sacrifice quality concerning this setting.


Worth Taking out the Credit Card?

If you’re in the market for a well built rice cooker, but also want additional slow cooking and steaming features, then the Sanyo ECJ-HC55S model is a great choice. Definitely a close runner up on what else you may be considering.

The 5.5 cup size is perfect for couples and small households and can prepare up to 16 cups of cooked white rice.




  • solid build unit and parts doesn’t feel cheap
  • large easy to read LCD display
  • user friendly interface
  • cooks great rice and maintains consistency
  • non-stick easy cleaning
  • program timer allows users to set start/finish time




  • no specific cook times for cycles (white rice, brown rice, mixed, etc).
  • no simultaneous vegetable steaming
  • slow cooker bowl capacity only ideal for about 2 people



Explaining the Battery Change

After about 4 years or so folks will need to replace the internal battery which is needed for just keeping time when unplugged and resuming cooking if there is a temporary loss of main power.

Now with some other brands & models this usually means having to ship your rice cooker out or bring it to an authorized dealer for replacement. Luckily (according to one user), Sanyo makes this process less inconvenient and allows for the battery to be purchased and installed manually.

From what we gathered, this is not hard to do, but does take a little concentration.

Please note the cooker will continue working fine without the battery.


For what the Sanyo ECJ-HC55S is priced for, overall, folks will get what they pay for. So far there has yet to be anything negative that has come up through our research.

The unit will not take up much counter space and is light enough to carry to the table for easy serving by gripping the stay cool handle on the top. However, folks are stuck with the whitish color since there are no other color options to select from at this time.

Also check out the larger ECJ-HC100S model which is a 10 cup cooker.


Measures: 13 x 10 x 8 Inches | 5.5 Cup Capacity (approx. 16 Cups Cooked)