Sanyo ECJ-D100S Review

Sanyo ECJ-D100S 10 Cup Rice & Slow Cooker


Price Range: Moderate

Rice Quality: Very Good

Benefits & Features: Multiple

Performance: Good

Pros vs. Cons: Pros Outweigh Cons
Overall Rating: Very Good

Update! Item May Be Discontinued

Is the Sanyo ECJ-D100S 10 cup rice cooker worth the box it’s shipped in?

Let us start this review by stating that this Sanyo Fuzzy Logic cooker does more than cook rice as it also performs as a slow cooker as well…all in one unit.

Desirable benefits & features include several specific settings for preparing rice types including brown rice, white rice, sweet, and sushi. All one has to do is simply scroll through the on board menu and select.

While this may seem complicated at first glance, rest assured it is not.

By utilizing Fuzzy Logic technology, the unit will monitor how your rice is cooking making fine adjustments along the way which means the outcome is always a plate of moist perfectly cooked rice. One owner did state however that for softer rice, add just a tad more water per instructions…about 1/8 to 1/4 cup.

Like the similar Sanyo ECJ-HC100S model, we have found that what many folks favor is that this cooker takes most of the guess work out of cooking above standard quality rice, and also maintains consistency after each and every use.

When it is time for cleaning up, the non-stick bowl makes it a breeze. Just be sure and use the included rice paddle when serving, and a soft sponge when cleaning.

Sanyo ECJ-D100S a Good Slow Cooker?

Well, the only true way for folks to determine that is if its 8 hour maximum cook time is long enough for your slow cooked recipes. If so, this machine does a fairly good job at cooking delicious stews and soups. It is large enough to accommodate a small hen for chicken soup, and can also fit a small pot roast as well.

The Sanyo also comes with a steaming tray for preparing a healthy vegetable side dish (must cook separately from stews and rice).Just not simultaneously

That along with a keep warm feature, reheat function, and a current 4 Star overall Amazon customer rating makes this Sanyo ECJ-D100S unit well worth checking out.




  • versatile cooking machine, does more than just rice
  • 10 cup capacity ideal for large households
  • will not take up much counter space
  • cooks several rice types and maintains consistent texture for each
  • modern design & quality craftsmanship
  • rice will not stick to bowl and is easy to clean




  • instruction manual is vague
  • some complain of a burnt plastic smell (read possible reason below)
  • no condensation collector as like some other Sanyo models
  • upper lid gets messy…prone to food build up unless constantly cleaned
  • some state the keypads durability is suspect


Where to Buy a Sanyo Rice Cooker

Purchase at

About The Plastic Smell

Once the unit arrives, closely inspect both the bottom and side of the cooking bowl for a plastic sticker and also be sure to remove any paper that may rest between the heating element and the bowl (inside the unit).

This is what is mostly likely causing the plastic/chemical smell folks are writing about. Also, be sure to give it a good washing before using for the first time. (tips thanks to Amazon customer reviews!)

Compared to other models the Sanyo ECJ-D100S 10 cup rice cooker is a fine kitchen appliance that holds it own against its more expensive high-end competitors such as Zojirushi. It will make a great gift and is perfect for busy moms with many mouths to feed!

Includes recipes, measuring cup, steaming tray, and spatula.

Tip: to prolong the internal battery life keep the unit plugged in. Keep in mind that the cooker will still perform properly without the battery as it just runs the clock when the unit is unplugged. Life of battery is approx. 4 yrs.

Measures: 15.2 x 11.5 x 11.1 Inches | 10 Cup Capacity (approx. 30 Cups Cooked)