Sanyo 3 Cup Rice Cooker

Page provides Sanyo 3 cup rice cooker reviews of two current models that perform well, have durable parts, and make good quality rice. With just a few small cons overall, these units are worth researching for folks who prefer a dependable small rice cooker.

(model list subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Sanyo ECJ-S35K 3 Cup Rice Cooker

This small Sanyo fuzzy logic rice cooker is one of the best micro-computerized cookers on the market with only the Zojirushi NS-LAC05 rivaling it in terms of rice quality, ease of use, and convenient benefits.

However, we feel that for folks who desire a more versatile machine, the Sanyo ECJ-S35K may be a better choice than the Zojirushi.

It makes above standard quality white rice and brown rice (as does the Zojirushi), and also offers folks a little more such as a “bread baking” setting which is probably good for making a one pound loaf.

Granted it is unlikely one will buy a rice cooker for that sole feature, it is nice to have as an option…at least we think so. But perhaps a vegetable steaming tray and setting would have been more favorable since other cookers of a more basic build come with just that.

As far as operation, this Sanyo 3 cup rice cooker is pretty straight forward to use although it may seem a little confusing at first glance. Just follow the instructed measurements, plug, and press the rice type, that’s it!

The cooker will use Fuzzy Logic monitoring technology that will result in consistent well-textured batches of rice after each use. The Sanyo ECJ-S35K also has a great keep warm mode that will hold the rice at a ready to serve temperature, comes with a non-stick bowl for easy cleaning, a stay cool carrying handle, measuring cup, and rice paddle.

Sanyo EC-503

This Sanyo 3 cup rice cooker is a basic cooker that has a one-lever operation and uses what we refer to as a “rapid boil style” method of preparing rice. Simply put, the cooker will boil the rice until a temperature sensor detects there is little water left and switches into a keep warm mode.

As we stated on our more detailed review page of this model, some folks state that the manual comes with inaccurate measuring instructions that leads to more trail and error for getting a good batch.

However, once folks get past the small measuring learning curve this cooker performs well, and for the price makes decent quality white and brown rice.

We also like the steaming benefit this Sanyo 3 cup cooker offers users which allows for steaming a small batch of food while the rice is cooking below.

Just keep in mind there is slight crusting issues on the bottom layer (normal with these types of cookers), along with reports of boil over issues. The boil over issues can be avoided by adding powered chicken stock, or using aluminum foil as a temporary lid.

Overall, it is a neat little rice cooker worth buying for once and a while use.