Sanyo 10 Cup Rice Cooker

Sanyo 10 Cup Rice Cooker

Sanyo 10 cup rice cooker reviews including two great Sanyo fuzzy logic rice cooker models (currently). Sanyo rice cookers are easy to use, and with proper care should produce many consistent rice dishes.

(model list subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Sanyo ECJ-HC100S

This Sanyo 10 cup rice cooker is not only one of the best rice cookers they put out, but is also the best one on this page for the value.

This multi-tasking machine is actually a rice cooker, a great slow cooker, a food steamer, and a tofu maker.

For making rice, the Sanyo ECJ-HC100S uses Fuzzy Logic technology which monitors how the rice is cooking making fine adjustments in temperature and cooking time along the way. This modern technology eliminates the guess work out of cooking rice and yields very good to excellent quality above standard batches of rice.

Onboard there are specific rice settings for white rice, brown rice, mixed rice, sushi, and even porridge. There is even a “texture” setting for white rice allowing folks to select regular, firm, or soft textured rice.

The slow cooking feature on this Sanyo 10 cup rice cooker is another plus benefit and is great for preparing hearty stews and soups. There is a low temperature setting with a total max cook time of 12 hours, and a high temperature setting with a max cook time of 12 hours.

The unit also comes with two separate bowls, one for rice, and one for preparing slow cooked meals.

For steaming vegetables, seafood, eggs, or poultry, the Sanyo comes with a large steaming tray that is placed in the unit along with instructions guiding folks through the process. Please note that this does not allow for simultaneous rice cooking and food steaming.

The unit will not boil over or crust the bottom layer of rice, has a convenient clutter free retractable cord, a nice keep warm mode, and stay cool carrying handles.

It is budget friendly and is the perfect small kitchen cooking appliance that is great for folks who want more than just an electric rice cooker. We just wished it offered a bread-baking setting as well.

Sanyo ECJ-M100S

For a little less than half the price than the above unit, we also recommend folks research this other 10 cup cooker from Sanyo.

It too utilizes Fuzzy Logic technology and makes very good quality rice batches. Rice settings offered are: white rice, brown rice, sushi, and porridge. There is also a soup setting, a steaming option, and a cake baking setting.

All folks need to do is measure correctly using the included cup and water level lines inside the bowl, plug in, select the desired rice type, and press start! The cooker does the rest.

This unit has a round design and stylish stainless steel outer shell that should blend in nicely with all kitchen decors and is easy to use and clean.

The only disappointing thing we have to report is that it does not have that great slow cooking option as like the Sanyo 10 cup rice cooker we reviewed above. But as an all-around rice cooker that could also make soups and healthy steamed vegetables, for the price it is one of the better buys out there.

The Aroma ARC-1000 model does rival it in some areas, but we have gathered that the Sanyo produces better quality rice with minimum rice crusting.