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On this page folks can discover several Rival rice cooker models along with pictures, ratings, descriptions, and of course pros & cons. Rival makes affordable rice cookers that for the most part perform well and cook decent rice.

(model list and/or overall rating(s) subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Rival Cookers

Rival RC165 – This Rival RC165 8 cup rice cooker will make great white rice, decent brown rice, as well as steam vegetables all in one unit. See full review with pros & cons. (8 Cup Capacity)
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Rival RC101 – The non-stick Rival RC101 rice cooker performs decently for the money, cooks good rice, and also simultaneously steams. For the price, is comparable to other models & brands at this range. (5 Cup Capacity)
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Rival RCS200 – The Rival RCS200 10 cup rice cooker has a stylish design, cooks rice, and also steams vegetables, but it appears the cons outweigh the pros. Simply put, there are better choices. (10 Cup Capacity)
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Where to Buy a Rival Rice Cooker

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About Rival Rice Cookers

Like Aroma and Black & Decker rice cookers, Rival makes an affordable line of rice cookers that perform decently.

They do not use advanced technology like Fuzzy Logic, Induction Heating, GABA, or pressure cooking like more expensive rice cookers mentioned on this site, but instead utilize a “rapid-boil style” method and come equipped with a temperature sensor that will switch into a warm mode once most of the water has evaporated signaling that the rice is finished.

Rice Quality

Rival rice cookers are good for your average bowl of white rice, along with brown, wild, mixed, or other rice types.

The texture and consistency of cooking white rice with most of Rival’s units is satisfactory with just a small water to rice learning curve. It is pretty much the same as cooking white rice in a pot on a stove top.

However, since water evaporates rather quickly due to the rapid boiling with these units harder grains like brown and wild for example require a little more water per cup of rice and may come with a steeper trial and error factor.

But once folks have their measurements to their liking, the quality is of a decent standard with most rice varieties.

Also, it should be understood that a reduced cup capacity comes with using such grains…usually 2 cups less.

Steaming Features?

Some models also offer a steaming feature for simultaneous vegetable, poultry or seafood preparation.

Most Rival rice steamer cooker models come with a removable basket that like the inner bowl is easy to clean and may also be dishwasher safe (always double check with manual).

These baskets or trays sit on top of the rice cooker utilizing the escaping steam to cook other foods making these specific models great choices for healthier eating as well as completing a more diverse meal rather then just rice.

These Rival rice cooker units also make great gifts and are perfect for live-along chefs and couples who mainly prepare regular white rice on occasion.


Even though there is a small selection of cookers to choose from, they have a great price, offer decent cooking times, and for the most part, satisfactory rice.

While they might not beat the best choice rice cookers on the market, they remain affordable, easy to use, easy to clean, and allow for folks to prepare rice for the entire family with the press of a button.

Simple, cheap, and basic!