Rice Steamer Cookers

Searching for a rice steamer and cooker combo? On this page folks can quickly browse some good models that make good quality rice and also allow for simultaneous food steaming as well.

(model list subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Aroma Rice Steamer Cookers

Almost all of Aroma’s rice cookers come with a steaming tray that sits atop the cooking bowl allowing the user to steam vegetables, fish, or poultry while their rice is boiling.

Granted most are your basic one-lever design and do come with the small con of crusting the bottom layer of rice, overall, the quality is pretty good when making white rice or brown rice (small learning curve), and can have it completed in under 25 minutes once the rice cooker starts the cooking process.

The best one to consider for the money is the Aroma ARC-856 (6 cup capacity) model shown in the above picture. Others worth researching are:


  • Aroma ARC-1000 (10 Cup)
  • Aroma ARC-998 (8 Cup)
  • Aroma ARC-733g (3 Cup)


Zojirushi NHS Rice Cooker Steamer

There are three Zojirushi NHS models, the NHS-06 (3 Cup Capacity), NHS-10 (6 Cup Capacity), and the NHS-18 (10 Cup Capacity).

As shown in the picture, these are the removable top lid type of rice cookers and like most of the above Aroma rice steamer cookers share the simple one-lever-operation design.

All Zojirushi NHS cookers come with a steaming tray for preparing food while the rice is cooking, cook at a nice pace, and yield good quality rice.

We have heard several reports of mild crusting and spill over issues (water “spits” out of steam vent and out of the sides), but this is easily fixed by adding some powered chicken seasoning along with some olive oil.

Folks can also use aluminum foil as a temporary lid to help relieve pressure which causes this messy inconvenience.

But don’t let that stop you from considering this unit! All Zojirushi rice cookers are of good quality and are made to last. In fact, this is currently their only basic one lever model.


Tiger JAZ Rice Steamers

Tiger Corp., another fine manufacture of rice cookers have the JAZ series cookers that come with a steaming tray allowing for simultaneous food steaming, (not the JNP series).

From what we gathered, the Tiger JAZ series are good rice cookers that like the similar JNP cookers should last for many years without losing much on rice quality, performance, or consistency, (an inner bowl change may be required depending on usage).

The Tiger JAZ rice cookers have that simple one lever design, and feature a sealed top lid that takes care of the spill-over issues that come with the Zojirushi NHS cookers and the below Cuisinart rice cookers.

However, folks are stuck with the flower blossom design and the common issues of slight rice crusting on the bottom. Other than that, these are Good-Rated rice steamer cookers…but may be hard to find online!


Cuisinart CRC-400 & CRC-800 Rice Cookers

Last one our recommended list of rice steamer and cooker combos are the Cuisinart CRC cookers, CRC-400, a 4 Cup, CRC-800, an 8 Cup.

To keep it brief, they cook fast, make decent to good quality rice, and of course allow the user to steam vegetables, poultry, or seafood when cooking the rice below.

The shape of the CRC-400 might be too small for steaming for larger households and is more ideal for single and/or couples. However, the CRC-800 cooker is fine for steaming enough food for serving 4 to 5 people (small portions).

Common complaints are the usual spill-over and rice crusting issues, along with the fact that the top lid is not touch friendly and becomes hot to the touch.

outer stainless steel look and feel that should fit in almost any kitchen.


Why Buy a Rice Steamer Cooker?

Buying a rice cooker that comes with a steaming tray is a great way to prepare two things (or several) at once instead of just having a plain old rice cooker.

Most brands and models are easy to use, cook rice fast and at a standard quality, and are a great alternative to baking or frying.

For folks who want to eat more healthy or who are on a special diet plan, a rice steamer cooker is a great kitchen appliance to keep on hand and can help aid in weight loss along with a healthier eating lifestyle.

Most are budget friendly and come in all cup capacity categories. All brands and models mentioned on this page also come with non-stick bowls (expect for the “Miracle” stainless steel cooker linked to from this page).

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