Rice Steamer And Cooker Brands & Models

There are several brands worth considering. Names like Zojirushi, Sanyo, and Tiger are one of the most expensive and are top of the line, offer computerized settings, and will prepare a rice dinner to near perfection. Brands like Cuisinart and Aroma are more of your average plug & set design.
Throughout this entire site we will cover over 100 models (once completed), each with a detailed picture, description, pros and cons, and model specifications.

Also posted will be visitor ratings from folks who share their personal opinions and comments concerning the specific model. We hope that this extra bit of social content will add both more credibility to this site as well as provide that additional help others may need.

Your personal rice cooker reviews are most welcomed, and we would love to hear your true opinions!

Quick Buying Tips

1) Once again, do not over-spend! Although more expensive models may seem attractive, ask yourself how often you will be using it.

2) How much counter space can you spare? Do your measurements before purchasing…some models can be quite large depending on cup size. Also pick a spot that is close to an outlet.

3) How many people do you cook rice for? Use your answer to determine your rice cooker cup capacity.

4) Do you like steamed vegetables, shrimp, or chicken? Some models come with a steamer basket.

5) How long does it take you to complete a meal? We state this since some rice cooking units can take over an hour or longer to make a large portion (especially brown rice). Synchronize your separate food cooking times along with the unit.

6) Will your new appliance fit the decor of your kitchen?

7) What types of rice do you usually cook? As mentioned before different units are better for different types. Also, water levels vary for each model as well as cooking times. Keep in mind that there is a slight learning curve using a rice cooker to get the perfect batch.