Rice Cooker Steamer

Rice is one of the most widely consumed grains around the world, but some people find it is difficult to cook properly. A rice cooker steamer makes the process much easier and will give you perfect rice every time.

There are three basic types of rice cookers, and knowing the difference is important. There are those that cook uncooked rice, cooked rice, or both. In other words, some rice cooker steamers are meant to be used with rice that is already cooked; others are meant to be used with raw rice; and others will cook either one.

A rice steamer that uses cooked rice will reheat it just right. In other words, you can also add meat and vegetables to it, and they will cook properly. This allows all of the ingredients to cook together, and your rice will come out just the way you like itnot sticky, and not too dry either. This makes mealtime a breeze because you can put everything into the steamer, and it will be good to go one its heated all the way through.

Rice cookers that use uncooked rice is very useful. Once you know how much rice and water to use, you will be able to consistently make the kind of rice that you want. It should be noted that different types of rice require different amounts of water and cooking timer. The owners guide should be helpful, but it can take a bit of practice if you are making varieties not covered in the guide.

A rice cooker steamer that does both cooked and uncooked rice is the most versatile. This means you dont have to buy two separate units, though some people prefer to do so.

There are several different options available on rice cookers, so choose the model that has most of the features that appeal to you.

Here are a few of the more popular features:

* Clock/Timer

This allows you to program the unit for when you would like it to start cooking. That means that you can load it up in the morning, and have a meal ready for you when you come home.

* Glass lid

Rice cooks best when the steam stays trapped, and having a glass lid means you can check on how your rice is doing without taking the lid off.

* Removable inner pan

The ability to remove the inner cooking unit makes for easy clean up.

* Non-stick surfaces

Even though you will be able to cook your rice just right, it can still get sticky when it has been sitting for a while. Non-stick rice cookers just need a basic wipe down and they are basically clean.