Panasonic SR-TEG10 Review

Panasonic SR-TEG10 5.5 Cup Rice Cooker

Price Range: Moderate

Rice Quality: Good

Benefits & Features: Few

Performance: Good

Pros vs. Cons: Balanced
Overall Rating: Good

The Panasonic SR-TEG10 5.5 cup rice cooker is a pretty easy rice cooker to use, is not very expensive, and is the perfect size for a normal-sized family, say 4 to 5 people.

This unit is a basic cooker and will use a rapid boil style method of cooking the rice, just as you would cook it on a stove top in a pot. The rice quality of most white rice varieties comes out good, but do expect a little trial and error when preparing brown, jasmine, or mixed rice for the first few uses.

This cooker does not use “fuzzy logic” technology so there is no internal monitoring that adjusts while cooking the rice, so soaking, adding the right amount of water, and finally steaming are key points to a good batch of rice.

It does however have a detector that senses when the rice is finished and will automatically switch into its 12 hour keep warm mode that holds the rice at an ideal serving temperature all while maintaining moisture.

Just keep in mind that there may be some slight crusting on the bottom layer of rice which is a normal occurrence with rice cookers of this basic design. However, the steam vent and sealed domed lid helps prevent starchy boil over while cooking compared to cheaper rice cookers.

Rice Steamer Cooker

As per the product description on the manufacture’s site, the Panasonic SR-TEG10 also comes with a steaming tray (or rack) that allows folks to steam food in addition to cooking rice. While we are not 100% sure the user can cook and steam simultaneously, judging by the picture and by previous rice cookers close to this design, the cooker probably does do both.(if you own this unit, please confirm this for us).

Also included is a measuring cup, rice paddle, rice paddle side holder that attaches to the unit, non stick bowl, and manual.




  • non stick serving & clean up
  • makes good standard quality rice without boil over issues
  • stay cool carrying handle and rewindable cord for easy storage & transport
  • steams food while rice is cooking? (*we need to confirm)




  • no clock or timer | no advanced settings
  • a tad on the pricey side vs. cup capacity
  • slight trial and error with brown, jasmine, sushi, mixed, etc.
  • slight rice crusting on the bottom


Where to Buy a Panasonic Rice Cooker

Available at

With a balanced mix of pros & cons along with an overall Good rating, this Panasonic SR-TEG10 rice cooker remains a good buy for that once and a while batch of rice with dinner.

It’s easy to use one lever operation gets you going fast, and a fully cooked maximum batch of around 16 cups or so cooked rice will be ready in under half an hour minus desired soaking & steaming times.

Please quickly compare to the Tiger JNP & JAZ models and the Sanyo ECJ-N55W since they are priced around the same.

Measurements: 10.3 x 10.5 x 8.9 Inches | 5.5 Cup Capacity (approx. 16 Cups Cooked Rice)