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Panasonic Rice Cooker – Current Models


For folks who are in the market for a rice cooker, considering a Panasonic rice cooker is not a poor decision. Take a moment and let this page offer more insight about their units.

(models may or may not be available on the market at all times)


Panasonic Computerized Models

Panasonic SR-MS

The updated multi-purpose Panasonic SR-MS series 5 & 10 cup cookers are worth your buy. The units receive positive ratings, cook great rice, steam, slow cook, and more. One of Panasonic’s best to offer, read pros & cons and full Review.
Full SR-MS183 Review (10 Cup) Full SR-MS103 Review (5 Cup)

Panasonic SR-DE103

The Panasonic SR-DE103 5 cup rice cooker uses fuzzy logic to prepare great tasting rice dishes with consistent results. Overall, it is very similar to the above SR-MS series cookers. Browse ratings & full review.
Full Review Coming Soon!

Panasonic SR-DF

The Panasonic SR-DF series are one of their latest computerized cookers and with them come a more simple display and the same fuzzy logic technology that prepares good rice at a low cost. Settings for white rice, brown, porridge, soup, and steaming.
Full Model Reviews Soon


Panasonic Basic Models

Panasonic SR-TEG

An easy to use Panasonic rice cooker to consider are the SR-TEG series models, ( 5 & 10 Cups). The units offer simple one-swtich operation, cook good quality rice, and even steams food. Full description and more.
Full SR-TEG18 Review Soon (10 Cup) Full SR-TEG10 Review (5 Cup)

Panasonic SR-G

The Panasonic SR-G cookers come in 3, 5.5, and 10 cup sizes. The units offer simple and straightforward use that prepares rice in a snap. Non-stick serving and easy cleaning, removeable top lids.
Full SR-G06FG Review (3 Cup) 5.5 & 10 Cup Models Reviews Coming Soon!

Panasonic SR-3NA

This Panasonic SR-3NA-S small electric rice cooker is perfect for singles or couples. Easy to use, easy to clean, cooks decent rice and compact for travel. Great for general use! (Cup Capacity approx. 1.5 cups)
Full SR-3NA-S Review

Older/Discontinued Models

Panasonic SR-MS102
Panasonic SR-MS182
Panasonic SR-NA18 item discontinued
Panasonic SR-NA10 item discontinued


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Panasonic 3 Cup Cookers
Panasonic 5 Cup Cookers
Panasonic 10 Cup Cookers


Full Informational Article…

Carrying a name of both Quality and Trust, Panasonic offers a fine line of rice steamer and cooker appliances. Most models perform quite well and cook up a nice plate of moist fluffy rice. While they do come with their share of cons, ultimately they remain in good consumer standard.




On several units, a technology called “Fuzzy Logic” is on board. This is a term used by most rice cooker manufactures describing a computer inside the unit that automatically adjusts cooking time along with temperature. It makes subtle adjustments and monitors rice consistency.

The usual result is a plate of moist fluffy (or sticky, if desired) rice every time. Fuzzy Logic takes the guess work out of preparing rice.

There are also different rice settings on most Panasonic rice cooker models which are designed for specific rice types. The more common are white rice (sometimes labeled regular), brown rice, mixed, and sushi. Other settings may include a function to steam vegetables, fish, shrimp, and chicken, one for cooking oatmeal and porridge, and even one for sponge cake.

For rice, it is important to mention that using these settings translates to longer cooking times. To counter that, the units come equipped with a programmable timer.


Other Panasonic models do not offer these diverse settings, and literally come with just one button. Folks just measure, plug the unit in, push a button, and in 20 minutes (on average) have a decent bowl of rice.


Material Types, Shapes, Color, & Cup Sizes


Panasonic rice cookers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are either stainless steel (outer shell) and/or have a white plastic body. Some models are round, while others are rectangular with rounded edges.

There is also a range of cup sizes catering to either single cooks or large families. Cup capacity can range from just 9 ounces of rice all the way up to 20 cups.


Worth Buying?

In the end, you will get what you pay for with a Panasonic rice cooker. Although this company is extremely diverse on electronic products, they do not spare expense or quality with most of their rice cooking units.

Panasonic has a reputation, and for the most part, based on all of our research and social feedback they do not seem to lose it in the kitchen.