Panasonic 5 Cup Rice Cooker

On this page we have several Panasonic 5 cup rice cooker reviews offering some brief insight to help folks make a better final purchase. Two models are computerized and use advanced rice cooker technology…the other is a more basic cooker.

(list subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Panasonic SR-MS102

First we’ll look at the Panasonic SR-MS-102 5 cup cooker.

This versatile machine is currently Panasonic’s best fuzzy logic rice cooker as it has not only earned 4 1/2 Stars in Amazon’s customer feedback ratings, but also offers the user a nice-array of benefits & features.

When making rice with this Panasonic 5 cup rice cooker, folks have several settings to select from which are: white rice, brown rice, sticky rice (sushi), or quick cook. The unit uses fuzzy logic monitoring technology which ensures each selected variety will come out to an above standard quality standard after each use.

The 5 cup bowl capacity will yield around 15 cups of cooked white rice.

Folks will not experience messy boil-over or rice crusting issues associated with cheaper units when using this machine either.

There is also a steaming setting and a cake baking setting along with a favorable slow cooking feature.

However, at the time of this writing we are not sure of the total cook times when slow cooking with this machine, although we did gather some positive reports on it.

We do recommend folks quickly compare it to the Sanyo ECJ-HC55S which offers just a tad more, but for a more expensive price tag also.

Overall, this is a good product from Panasonic which should prove as a handy all-around small kitchen cooking appliance.

Panasonic SR-DE102

Second on our list of Panasonic 5 cup rice cookers is this other fuzzy logic model.

For a couple of dollars less than the SR-MS102 folks have their choice of this cooker that for the most part performs the same minus overall brown rice quality.

For some strange reason, this is the only model that instructs users to use the “slow cooking” setting for preparing better quality brown rice, despite the fact this unit has a specific brown rice setting. That confused us a little.

To concur, we have gathered feedback reports on Amazon that folks state the quality of the brown rice is only average and not as high as like some other fuzzy logic cookers.

Aside from that, the Panasonic SR-DE102 is a very good rated rice cooker, currently has a 4 ½ star rating, and offers the user a wide-array of features like the above unit.

Folks can select settings for white rice, brown rice, and sticky rice, along with the lowered quality “quick cook” setting, a steaming feature, a slow cooking feature, one for porridge, and one for baking cake sponges.

On average the cooker produces consistent results, is non-stick and easy to clean, sports a great keep warm mode, and is budget friendly for what it offers.

Panasonic SR-TEG10

Last comes this basic unit, that, for the price is a nice medium-sized rice cooker to have around the house for that occasional batch of white rice with dinner.

It is very easy to use as all one needs to do is measure correctly, plug in, and press down on a lever. It does not utilize fuzzy logic monitoring technology as like the above cookers, but does make an average quality batch of white or brown rice…just with more of a slight learning curve.

The cooker will have the meal complete in around 20 to 25 minutes (minus desired soaking time). Once complete, this Panasonic 5 cup rice cooker will automatically switch in a keep warm mode that holds the rice at a moist ready to serve temperature for up to 12 hours.

Although some mild crusting may occur on the bottom layer of rice, the cooker’s sealed domed lid prevents boil-over issues and thanks to the well-designed condensation collector will not drip water on the rice or down the sides of the unit.

Also included with this appliance is a steaming basket for preparing healthy steamed food, but we are not 100 percent sure at this time if folks can cook rice and steam food simultaneously (for folks who own this model, please contact us and confirm this for posting).

Currently, those are the best Panasonic 5 cup rice cookers worth researching and comparing to other brands & models. Please note the Panasonic SR-TMB10 on the main Panasonic page is a discontinued product.