Panasonic 10 Cup Rice Cooker

Panasonic 10 Cup Rice Cooker Ratings

Please browse these Panasonic 10 cup rice cooker models below before considering a final choice. We have reviewed a fuzzy logic cooker (computerized) and a basic one-lever cooker that earns good reviews.

We will add more as Panasonic releases new 10 cup models.

(model list subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Panasonic SR-MS182

This Panasonic 10 cup rice cooker is a good model worth checking out and offers folks a neat little array of bells & whistles. Once you open the box, you’ll realize you got a little more than a simple rice cooker.

This handy appliance also doubles as a slow cooker and a food steamer making it a neat little kitchen multi-tasker. Something which we always favor and which helped it earn its current 4 ½ Star review on…as well as its Very Good rating on our site, (always subject to change).

Using Fuzzy Logic technology, the SR-MS182 will “pay attention” on how the rice is cooking making the necessary adjustments along the way resulting in a higher quality, more well-textured batch of rice. Please read our Full Review linked below regard making brown rice.

This Panasonic rice cooker will also remove the hassle of boil-over and rice crusting issues that are known to happen with cheaper units. It offers a non-stick bowl for easy serving and cleaning, stay cool carrying handles, a condensation collector, and great keep warm mode for holding the rice at an ideal serving temperature for many hours.

For the price it is a nice all-around cooker to have in the kitchen and is a good size for households ranging from 7 to 10 people. Makes 30 cups of cooked white rice.

From what we understand this cooker replaces the older SR-NA18 model and in addition adds a slow cooking feature.

Panasonic SR-TEG18

For a less expensive and more basic rice cooker without the need or care for multiple settings, consider this Panasonic 10 cup rice cooker.

The SR-TEG18 is the larger version of the “good-rated” SR-TEG10 5 cup cooker and performs pretty much the same yielding around 30 cups of cooked white rice.

The basic one-lever design will have folks cooking rice fast since all one needs to do is add the instructed measurements, plug in, and press down on the lever.

The “cook” indicator light on the SR-TEG18 will glow and once complete will switch into its keep warm mode that holds the rice at a moist ready to eat temperature without drying the rice out. Under normal conditions, the cooker will have a batch of rice done in around 20 to 25 minutes depending on capacity and/or variety.

Like the smaller version, the unit comes with a non-stick bowl, steam rack for preparing healthy steamed vegetables, poultry, or seafood, a rice paddle, paddle side holder, and measuring cup.

Although it is a basic cooker, white rice comes out to a good quality (expect some trial and error with brown, mixed, etc.) and will not boil-over when cooking due to the sealed tip lid design.

For the price, this is a good and reliable Panasonic 10 cup rice cooker, that in a way rivals the more expensive Tiger JNP-1800 cooker.