Oyama Rice Cooker Reviews

Oyama Rice Cooker Reviews

Here folks will find Oyama rice cooker reviews of both a 7 cup model and a 10 cup model (same design).

These stainless steel rice cookers perform well, make good quality rice, and are easy to use and clean with a quick warm water soaking.

Some Benefits & Features

These electric rice cooker models are a little on the expensive side, but when compared to other stainless steel inner bowl rice cookers such as the Sunpentown and Miracle Exclusive models they hold their own and offer the user a nice amount of benefits and features.

Take the fact that folks can steam a variety of food such as vegetables, seafood, and poultry using the included stainless steel tray while the rice cooks below. A neat little benefit we always favor in rice cookers of a more basic non-computerized design.

Other benefits include a sealed top lid design for helping prevent boil over when cooking and locking in moisture, a condensation collector which does a fair job at collecting water, an easy to use one touch lever for simple operation, and a good keep warm mode for holding the rice at a ready to serve temperature for hours.


Stainless Steel Bowls

Another thing some folks will take into consideration is the idea that these Oyama rice cookers have stainless steel inner cooking bowls instead of non-stick material which has become a health concern as of late.

However, after doing some research, rice cookers using non-stick bowls do not appear to pose a health risk simply because the bowl does not come nowhere near the dangerous temperature levels these chemicals begin to become unstable. They are safe so long as they are not scratched or flaked into food.

Granted some cons about having a Oyama rice cooker with a stainless steel cooking bowl is that cleanup is more of a chore since they are not non-stick.

Also, there have been reports of sticking and crusting issues when using rice cookers with stainless steel cooking bowls.

However, as mentioned above, cleanup is done by simply soaking the bowl in warm water for several minutes to soften the rice for easier removal.

Oyama Electric Rice Cooker Cup Sizes

Currently there are two cup capacities these cookers come in, a 7 Cup Capacity and a 10 Cup Capacity.

They both look identical and pretty much perform the same.

The 7 cup models will yield around 21 cups of cooked white rice, and the 10 cup version will prepare around 30 cups of cooked white rice making it more ideal for larger families of 8 or more people.

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