Oster Rice Cooker Reviews

Oster Rice Cooker Reviews

Page provides Oster rice cooker reviews of two current models that cook decent quality rice, offer non-stick cleaning, are easy to use, and remain budget friendly when compared to other electric rice cookers of similar design.

(model list and/or overall rating(s) subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Oster Electric Rice Cookers

Oster 4722 – The Oster 4722 basic rice cooker makes decent quality rice can steam food while the rice cooks below, is fairly easy to use and is easy to clean. Good price and great for small households. (3 Cup Capacity)
Full Oster 4722 Review


Oster 3071 – For a digital Oster rice cooker, consider this model that offers one touch electronic rice settings, soup settings, steaming and “breakfast” settings. (10 Cup Capacity)
Full Oster 3071 Review


Currently, the above models are the only electric rice cookers from Oster that we would like to post and recommend for folks who would prefer going with this brand.

The other Oster cookers did not seem to have many customer feedback reports, nor did they live up to our guidelines for posting.

Why Go with Oster?

An Oster electric rice cooker is an easy rice cooker to use since most of their models remain on the basic side and have more of a measure, plug, set and forget design.

Granted through our research we have gathered mixed reviews about some of their models and feel that only two really deserved a spot on this page. Of course we will update as new units and more feedback from our visitors become available. Please email us your findings.

However, some good things about an Oster cooker is that they are budget friendly, offer several benefits and features, and will make decent to good quality rice.

They are best-fitted for folks who will only use them on occasion and plan to cook mostly regular white rice in them.

For higher quality white rice, brown rice, mixed, sushi, etc., we recommend researching other brands such as Zojirushi, Panasonic, or Sanyo.