Microwave Rice Cooker

A microwave rice cooker is a handy kitchen gadget for anybody that is interested in eating healthy, or just enjoys tasty food. Here are a few things to keep in mind before making your purchase.

While you can always use a traditional rice cooker, or try to cook it using a regular pan, a microwave rice cooker is more convenient. You simply add the rice and water, set the microwave for the appropriate time, and fluff it with a fork when done.

Every microwave is different, so you may have to adjust your cooking times. Check the owners guide that comes with your rice cooker and see what wattage the instructions are intended for. Some guides will list several wattage options. However, if your wattage isnt listed, or you are not quite sure what it is, then you may have to make a few batches of rice to get it just right. Once you have it figured out, you will be able to make perfect rice every timeand make it quickly.

If you have a smaller microwave, then you should take note of the dimensions of the rice cooker. Most models will fit into any size of microwave, but its best to make sure ahead of time. It only takes a few moments to check your microwave and to see what the dimensions of your rice cooker will be.

There is some concern over anything used to cook in the microwave. Some plastics are believed to leech out harmful chemicals when they get too hot. Not all research bears this out, but if its a concern for you, then be sure to get a rice cooker that is made with the right kind of plastic. (The manufacturer doesnt always mention it, but some do make this a selling point)

It is true that microwave rice cookers are fast, another benefit is that they tend to be quite affordable. They are usually made of inexpensive materials, and the lower cost of making them is passed on to you, the consumer. Thats welcome news for anybody on a budget.

Of course, the cost isnt the most important thing; its how well it cooks the rice. A microwave rice cooker makes short work of cooking rice, and it does it very well. There are different configurations, but most of them have a vented lid, a water chamber, and a basket for holding the rice. The water gets heated, and then the steam cooks the rice to fluffy, tasty perfection.

Cooking rice doesnt have to be a gamble, and it doesnt have to be a chore. Using a microwave rice cooker makes it easy and convenient to have rice any time that you want it.