How To Pick The Right Rice Cooker

Pour in the rice. Add water. Press the button. Really? Is that all you need to do to get rice cooked and tasting scrumptious? Well this definitely wins over the struggling-with -stove ways as it saves loads of time. But what will make you decide which one is the right one for you? It has the edge over the stove thingy but making comparisons with other strenuous methods is easy but picking the right one is not.

Many questions determine what will be the right for you.

Do you want one with lots of features, niceties or just a simple one?

There are sundry rice cookers available in the market nowadays and all come equipped with feature directly proportional to their prices. Many rice cookers are now equipped enough to cook various kinds of rices such as brown rice , sushi rice ,porridges etc. Some of the trendy rice cookers even let you decide the texture i.e soft, hard. You might wanna ask yourself various questions while deciding on this aspect. What kinds of rice do you eat? Does it consist of only one kind or more than one? What is my budget? Try to distinguish between your want and your need while deciding on one. Many rice cookers come laden with technology that it might get confusing for a person ,who is not so technology-friendly,, while navigating through the process. There are three kinds of rice cookers.

Traditional. Jar-o-mat. Micro-computerized. For people who cook only steamed white rice traditional and jar o mat cookers will work the best. Such cookers are very user friendly and rightly suited for those too, who have ,being technology friendly, not their strongest suit. These cookers comprise of one simple button. Those who like their rice with a little crust should use the traditional ones as the heating element is only present at the bottom resulting in a crust at the top. More latest rice cookers are operated by a computer and are called Micro-computerized. Such cookers take about 50 minutes to do the job but produce tastier , well-textured and fluffier rice. It comes equipped with a fuzzy logic that handles all the cooking in a way that needs no extra care and yields maximum results. Induction heating feature is the most advanced feature present in the market but comes with a high price. Your budget will affect your choice immensely. Choose wisely!

What size will be the most appropriate for you? Rice cookers come in various sizes. Do you cook rice on a daily basis? How much is your home consumption on the days you cook rice? Do guests come over quite often? Is your home a social gathering spot?

If you cook on a daily basis and a maximum of 2 cups of rice a 3-cup cooker will be sufficient. If you cook in the range of 2-5 cups everyday a 5-cup cooker will do the job. If you have guests over frequently for gatherings buy a 10-cup cooker. If guests visits are very infrequent buy a 5 cup cooker and cook the rice two times. Why? It will save the inner pot from getting damaged.

Are you a brand person?

Has good and known brand names always affected your decision? Almost every small countertop appliance manufacturer builds rice cookers and supplies them. Will you be okay with the small brands? Japanese brands such as Panasonic and Tiger come up with the most efficient and reliable designs for cookers. Since these are electronic appliances they might not last for lifetime but if you invest in a reliable brand chances are that the cooker lasts much longer with you than the one which almost every other brand churns out.

The factors listed are almost what you will need the next time you will visit a superstore. Keep them in mind and you will not regret what you buy!