How to choose the best rice cooker

Choosing the best rice cooker is tough task. People who are totally dependable on rice cooker for their cooking them also got confused to choose the right one. It is really a confusing issue.

There are lots of well known brand available in the market. Most of the well known brand manufacture good quality rice cooker. You have to consider some important criteria for choosing a best rice cooker.

I will show you the step by step guideline for choosing rice cooker which is best suited for you. So, keep an eye on this article. I hope youll find your desire one.

#1. Size of The Rice Cooker:

Most of the rice cooker comes in market in three different sizes. In this article we divided the rice cooker in three category based on the capacity of cooker. These three are:3 cups rice cooker5 cups rice cooker and10 cups rice cooker

Here, we measure rice by term cups and each cup of rice means 8 ounces of rice. For your kind information, one cup of rice/ 8 ounces of rice will make 1.5 to 2.5 cups of steam rice. It is a estimated result. Your result may vary a little bit based on your rice you used, amount of water etc. In often cases, result is approximately will be close. Lets see little deeper about size of rice cooker.3 cups rice cooker:3 cups rice cooker can be used for cooking 3 cups of uncooked rice. After cooking youll get 6 cup cooked rice. These types of rice cooker are designed for small family with 4-5 members for a single meal.5 cups rice cooker:

Most popular and widely used rice cooker is 5 cups rice cooker. In a single cooking these size of cooker can be used for cooked 5 cups of uncooked rice. After cooking youll get 10 cup of cooked rice. 10 cup of steam rice is perfect for family with 6-7 members for a single meal. These size of rice cooker is more popular because for a smaller family you have to cooked just one time in a day. Most of the rice cooker now comes with warming facility and these saves lots of time.10 cups rice cooker:10 cups rice cooker comes with maximum capacity. It is good fit for larger family. These sizes of rice cooker can be used for cooking 10 cups of uncooked rice for a single meal. After cooking youll get 20 cups of steamed rice. 20 cups of steamed rice is perfect for 12-15 persons for a single meal. If you want to avoid cooking several times a day then this size will be the best option for you. These types of rice cooker always come with warming option. So, if your main meal is rice just cooked one time and serve whole day. This type of rice cooker is big but that isnt mean you cant cook 1, 2, 3 cups of rice in this cooker. You can cook any amount of rice with this rice cooker.

#2. Features of The Rice Cooker:

Various rice cooker available in market now. Each rice cooker comes with new and innovative features. So you have to consider the features before buying rice cookers. So rice cooker can process many kinds of rice as like as brown rice, risotto, porridge etc. Some rice cookers comes in market with more advance features. Advanced features means these rice cooker can be used as a cake maker and vegetable steamer.

These features of rice cooker can give lots of confusion. But you have to emphasize on your daily needs and situation before buying. The importance things you have to consider are given below:

What kind rice you have cooked often?

Which technology is preferable for you and which is not?

Do you need advanced or just basic one is suitable for you?

Are you beginner and going stat cooking in rice cooker for first time?

Just think about the above questions. When got all the answers then you can easily make a decision and you can easily choose which one perfect for you and which one is not.

For choosing the right rice cooker for you, I divided the rice cooker in three category based on their features,


Semi Advanced and



The basic rice cooker comes with most necessary features for everyday use. If you just cooked white rice everyday as your main meal then basic is best for you.

Basic cookers come with some handy features now as like as warm feature, no sticky interior surface, one click cooking and many more. The basic cooker is lower in price, very easy to use and helpful for beginners to getting started.

Semi Advanced:

Semi advanced rice cookers provides some interesting and handy features. This rice cooker comes with LCD panel with lots of functionality.

Most rice cookers in semi advanced category provide some advanced features such as timer, no sticky pan, warming, cooking complete signal and many more depends on various manufacturers. Semi advanced features can cook wide range of rice. This rice cooker price is little high and provides lots of features.


The last category is advanced category. Advanced rice cookers provide newest and modern features.

If you want to perform some extra work with your rice cooker such making cakes, cooking steamed vegetable then you can choose advanced one for you.

#3. Price that fits your budget:

Price is a key fact for choosing right rice cooker. You have analysis the features of rice cooker and then you have to select one within your budget. Dont burn your wallet with high price one if you no needs extra features.

#4. Design that match your style:

Design is last and important part for choosing rice cooker. There are lots of rice cooker available in different model and shape. So, consider this issue and choose your liked one.

#5. Some Helpful Tips for You:

Make sure you have ample space for pacing the rice cooker.

Place the rice cooker where you can plug in easily

Clean your rice cooker regularly

Thats all my suggestions for you to choose a best rice cooker. Read the article carefully and apply those before buying your desire one. Happy Cooking!!!