Historical Story Of Rice Cooker

Today, we all have at least one rice cooker for personal use or for family. We use cookers to make rice every day and they actually become one of the most popular devices on this planet. However, have you ever thought about when or why they were made and how they became widely used?

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/

Actually, people had thought about using electricity replaces for coal and gas to cook since the time of Meiji in Japan. In the middle of the 1920s, people started to produce test cookers.

In later of 1940s, Mitsubishi Group from Japan manufactured an early kind of cooker. At first, it just a device with a wire to transfer heat and it make rice just simply by using the heat spreading from the cord. With this kind of cooker, user had to be careful in using from turn on it until rice had finished. Of course, this device with a lot of disadvantages used to be thought was the ending of electrical devices.

After that, in July of 1951, Toshiba Company completed a fully-made cooker with belief in making electrical device become a part of every Japanese family. The found that we just need to heat the rice in 20 minutes until it become cooked rice and we only use the heat at 90 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, they used a cup of water, after that it would vaporize, and then the heat from steam was used to make the final rice. That was really the most amazing idea of Japanese. Five following years, 700 cookers were presented and it just took them four years more to bring them to all of Japanese families. Finally, in 1970, the Toshibas cookers was brought to every kitchens in the world.

In 1986, the automatic gas cooker was invented by Kema Company of Electricity and Gas. This cooker used heat from the gas cooker below. It also had the automatically on-off sensor to control the heat and it was really useful for cooking with large quantity or in places without electricity.

Hairo Kabushiki Kaisa Company presented a cooker used with microwave. In this version the microwave was utilized to provide the heat to cooker and keep it spreading all around inside of your device. This kind of cooker would help you cook quickly and your rice would be better, but its capacity is really limited, just 600 grams of rice.

In 2003, Matsushita developed another version of cooker which used steam at the higher level of degree, 130 degrees Celsius. An advantage of it is making your rice sweeter and helping to keep the natural flavor of original rice.

Nowadays, we using cookers but using magnetic field to provide heat. The inside of cookers is made from many layers of metal such as aluminum, bronze, steel and so on. With this material the magnetic field will be created constantly, the transfer of heat is great and it also has an ability to become non-stick. The outline is also amazing, it is made from rust-free steel, this is one of factor helping to transfer heat and connect with the magnetic field.

In the past, we used rocks to make fire and then cook our foods. After that, people knew how to utilize the fossil fuel such as coal, oil etc. In nearly modern life, people started to use gas to make the fire for cooking and also another usage like warming or boiling something However, we did not stop, the human being always develops, rock at the beginning, then is fuel and gas, and finally they used the electricity to make heat, the modern cooker is one of the best product of the industry.

At present, we dont have to use rock, of course, and also coal with a lot of smoke and dirtiness, we all have electrical cookers, everything you have to do is taking a cup of water, some original rice, and an electricity source and you can easily make a well-cooked rice without any difficulty or pollution. Moreover, the modern cookers have an automatic system with sensors will help you to control the heat inside your device. What is that mean? That means you dont need to keep your eyes in your cooker because everything is controlled by the system, you can do everything you want while the cooker is cooking.

Some advantages you may not know

In fact, we use cookers every day but have you ever wondered about what its advantage is. Of course, that is not only cooking ability but that is the effective ability to cook.

First, cookers will help you to cook but actually in amazing time, you dont have to wait about hours for the rice, the cookers will deal with them in just about 15 minutes. The heat provided by electricity is also spread equally so that your rice will be cooked better, faster and well.

Second, the modern cookers can change the degrees instantly to provide a suitable heat and cook your meal in the best way that you will hardly do by yourself. In case that you put too much water with rice, the cookers will also control the heat and dont have to worry because the rice absolutely is not too pasty or dry as you cook with coal or gas.

Finally, you may not know that your cookers also can make soups, stews or you can make sponge cake and boil vegetables etc.


Humanity created one of the most necessary devices for life. We can make sure that technology and industry will be developed more and more in the future but the cookers will certainly not replace by any other device. It can be better, more effective but the cookers will always be our friend forever and ever.