Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker Reviews

Today we will be owning a look into a decent sized rice cooker – the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker. Hamilton Beach make a number of different rice cooker models, which one seems like the most famous choice from all of them. But could it live as much as the hype? Continue reading below to see more.

Product Features :

Hamilton Beach was founded like a company over 100 years back, and in that point they‘ve produced a big choice of home and kitchen appliances. In recent years they‘ve begun releasing a series of rice cookers to assist give you the demand for that wonderful machines.

The one we will look into today is the Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity Deluxe Rice Cooker, which is very a mouthful to mention ! This can be a 4-20 cup rice cooker, and has a really modest price tag and that is lots of bang for the buck. Will the cheap price mean inferior performance? We’ll check the performance in a little, but first lets check out the unit itself, and discuss many of the additional features and specifications it has.

The planning from the unit itself is very modern and sleek. The bulk from the exterior is made from stainless steel, with the highest and bottom coming in black. We try some fine black design, as white tends showing the dust and dirt very easily following a while.

The cooking pot includes a nonstick coating, and a lot of the included parts can be utilized inside the dishwasher (although We Might warn against putting the cooking pot inside the dishwasher because could wear away the nonstick coating following a while ). A water measuring line is clearly visible inside the cooking pot, helping one to easily put inside the required level of water.

Also included is really a plastic steaming tray although it will feel somewhat cheap, almost as though it was eventually an afterthought following the rice cooker were designed. A measuring cup and two utensils will also be packaged using the model which is really a nice little touch. They aren’t particularly fancy, however they get the job done well enough.

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker Reviews – Upon the front are six buttons, allowing you to create a choice of different dishes and also the switch the unit on and off. This can be a somewhat more comprehensive control panel than many of the another cookers We‘ve tested thus far, however that doesn’t mean It‘s difficult to operate. The buttons are very simple to understand, and each respective you will illuminate once it is active.