Good Rice Cookers

Good Rice Cookers Worth Buying

Provided on this page are good rice cookers, both basic and computerized that are the more recommended rice cooker models currently on the market. Be advised however, that some of the units are expensive, but do receive a majority of good feedback.

Zojirushi Rice Cookers

Zojirushi manufactures very good rice cookers and are one of the most elite in the industry. In fact, some are great!

Most of their models are Fuzzy Logic units, meaning that they are programmed to first pre-soak the rice, and then monitor how the rice is cooking automatically making fine adjustments along the way.

Not only do they make perfect white rice, but brown rice, sushi rice, and mixed rice all come out to an above standard quality. These units take the guess work out of cooking great rice, are easy to use, and offer several benefits and features (minus slow cookng and steaming as mentioned below with other great brands/models).

Zojirushi cookers also have a good quality build with quality inner parts such as a thick bowl which transfers heat evenly, perform with consistency, and will last for years with proper care.

They are expensive! But for folks who love brown rice, these are some of the best rice cookers to consider.


Sanyo Cookers

Sanyo also makes good rice cookers that cook great quality rice.

During our research we have gathered feedback that the quality and performance mimics Zojirushi in terms of rice quality, and in addition offer additional benefits like slow cooking and food steaming features.

Such settings are great for folks who want more than a rice cooker and that on occasion prepare hearty slow cooked stews and soups. They also work very well and complete the same quality meal folks would get in a traditional crock pot.

The diversity of a Sanyo cooker is helpful around the kitchen, and like its Zojirushi competition utilizes Fuzzy Logic cooking and has a good quality construction that makes very good quality white and brown rice.

They are even more budget friendly too.


Panasonic & Tiger Cookers

Both Panasonic and Tiger are good rice cooker brands and like Sanyo and Zojirushi offer Fuzzy Logic models.

For the most part, Panasonic rice cookers receive some good consumer reports throughout the web, are moderately priced, and make very good quality rice.

While we have found that Panasonic basic (non computerized) only earn so-so ratings and make average standard rice, for the price they too are worth looking into, especially if just white rice is on the menu more than brown rice.

For basic one lever cookers, the Tiger JNP series offer good quality rice and will perform for many years with consistent results. They may cost a bit more, but many owners reported having them for over 12 years running.