Giving as a Gift? – Helpful Tips

Give a Rice Cooker as a Gift? Helpful Tips

Why would you want to give a rice cooker as a gift?

For folks who have family or friends who love and enjoy cooking, a rice cooker gift may or may not be a good idea. This all generally depends on whether or not they eat rice daily (or even like rice), and if they also like to cook multiple grain types.

While this type of present can be hit or miss, most folks love to receive new kitchen appliances, especially if they are modernized versions of past models. A rice cooker is no different, and before you spend your money on a simple one-lever cheap rice cooker at your local Walmart, spend a couple of more minutes on this page and discover the best way to give a rice cooker as a gift!

Tips, Ideas, & Models to Consider

First, let us go over the two main types of rice cookers on the market. We have basic rice cookers, and micro-computerized cookers (also known as Fuzzy Logic cookers or micom cookers).

Basic rice cookers are just that, basic, and do not use or offer advanced benefits and features. They use a simply “rapid boil” style method of cooking rice, and when complete automatically switch into a keep warm mode until the user is ready to serve.

These types of cookers have their share of cons, with the cheaper removable top lid versions receiving most of the negative feedback complaints. This is mostly due to common boil over issues. Other complaints about basic rice cookers is rice crusting that occurs on the bottom layer.

Should folks wish to give a basic rice cooker as a gift, go with a unit that has a sealed top lid, condensation collector, and if you can, select one with a steaming rack.

Both Tiger and Aroma make some of the better basic rice cookers for the price.

Fuzzy Logic Cookers

For folks who do not mind spending a good amount of money on an appliance, selecting a Fuzzy Logic rice cooker gift is the better route to take.

These cookers use an internal monitoring system that not only cooks the rice, but pays attention on how it is cooking. The unit “thinks for itself” and will make necessary temperature and cooking time adjustments when needed.

The result is very good to excellent quality rice each and every time.

Fuzzy logic rice cookers also offer the user different rice settings such as white rice, brown rice, mixed, or sushi rice, and some even come with steaming, slow cooking, and bread baking capabilities as well…depending on the model.

Both Sanyo and Zojirushi make great computerized models which receive a majority of positive consumer feedback. Tiger and Panasonic are right behind them in terms of quality also.

So those are your two types of rice cookers, and for folks who want to give a rice cooker as a gift:


  • do not over-spend and first ask yourself how much the person you are buying it for will use it
  • do you know if they eat a lot of rice, and if so, is it just white rice, or do they prefer brown rice, or mixed as well?
  • how big is their household? A 3 cup capacity cooker is great for singles and couples, a 5.5 cup cooker is good for a household of 4 to 5 , and a 8 or 10 cup cooker is ideal for households ranging from 6 to 10 people
  • do they do a lot of slow cooking and/or vegetable steaming? Make sure your rice cooker gift offers these extra benefits for them
  • another thing to consider is the decor of their kitchen. Rice cookers come in different styles, shapes and colors (mostly either white and/or stainless steel)
  • are they health conscious people? Giving a rice cooker with steaming and slow cooking benefits can help contribute to their dieting efforts