Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker

Best Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Brands

To help categorize, we have added this Fuzzy Logic rice cooker reviews page to help folks narrow down a specific brand/model. Fuzzy Logic rice has better flavor, great texture, and always comes out better than older basic cookers and remain the best rice cooker choice on the market.

(list subject to change as updates & new units become available)


Zojirushi Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers

eing the most elite in the industry, Zojirushi rice cookers make a fine line of fuzzy logic cookers and offer some of the best models around. They all come equipped with a variety of rice type settings, including white rice, sushi, and brown rice, and some even have a texture setting onboard (white rice only).

When cooking brown rice, some units have a feature called “GABA”, which cooks the rice to an excellent texture quality and transforms it into one of the most healthiest rice dishes around that is both rich in flavor and easier to digest.

Granted such units come with an expensive price tag, as do most Zojirushi rice cookers, they take most of the guess work out of cooking rice and will make a great companion for folks who eat both white rice and brown rice on a daily basis. Full Zojirushi Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Reviews


Sanyo Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers


Another great brand to consider is Sanyo!

They have a nice selection of cookers to choose from, all which make very good quality batches of rice with much consistency.

In addition, Sanyo rice cookers also offer folks more than just rice cooking capabilities since some units also serve as a convenient slow cooker for preparing healthy and hearty stews. These units also come with a steaming tray for making steamed vegetables, eggs, poultry, or seafood.

For the price, these are one of the best rice cooker choices for folks who want a quality machine that does not break the bank. During our research, we can say they definitely rival Zojirushi in most areas, (along with Panasonic). Full Computerized Sanyo Rice Cooker Reviews


Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Cookers

Like Sanyo, Panasonic puts out some pretty good rice cookers, as well as fine brown rice cooker models that also utilize Fuzzy Logic technology.

Cookers like the SR-MS102 also offer slow cooking and steaming benefits for folks who prefer a multitasking unit and not just a rice cooker. Most units receive positive consumer feedback and with proper care will perform well for many years and cook moist & fluffy consistent white and brown rice.

With just a few little cons, overall, a Panasonic rice cooker is yet another brand to consider when going the Fuzzy Logic route! Full Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Cooker Reviews

What Make Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers so Great?

Fuzzy Logic is a term in the electric rice cooking industry which means the unit will think for itself, or “pay attention” on how the selected rice variety (white, brown, sushi, etc.) is cooking.

Fuzzy Logic technology first soaks the rice before heating up the water, and once the cooking process begins will make fine adjustments in cooking time and temperature along the way rather than just boiling the rice until it is finished like most traditional one-lever rice cookers do.

The end result is a perfected batch of rice that has great texture and flavor each and every time. Fuzzy Logic even makes up for slight errors in water measurement, usually within 1/4 to 1/3 a cup depending on overall capacity.

Longer Waiting Time?

One con about using this technology to cook rice is that it does take much longer than average to complete, especially when preparing brown rice. This of course is due to the pre-programmed soaking time along with the “slow cooking” process Fuzzy Logic utilizes.

However, many find the quality of the rice to be worth the wait.

In addition, most Fuzzy Logic rice cookers come equipped with a preset timer that allows folks to select a start/finish time. Once the cooking is complete, the unit switches into a keep warm mode which holds the rice at an ideal serving temperature without drying it out. Keep in mind that this is only recommended for white rice since brown rice develops a funny color and odor after about 45 minutes.

To conclude, we always recommend folks consider researching Fuzzy Logic rice cookers before making a final selection on a more cheaper non-computerized appliance.

They take most of the guess work out of cooking rice, have several onboard benefits & features, will not boil over or crust the bottom layer of rice, and can last for years with proper care.

They also look great on the counter top and will surely be noticed by company!