Electric rice cookers and why I love them

Constant monitoring of stove while your rice cooks can be demanding. I know people who have experience with stoves will agree. Ovens did wonders for everyone who wanted things done quick and smooth. Electric cookers possess the same traits. Electric appliances are always reliable in terms of quality. They are not capable of mistakes. They might get overheated but they will do it right. Why are they loveable? After reading this post you will agree with me.

1. Say no to burnt rice

It is infuriating when the end product of your constant monitoring results in burnt and flawed rice. Electric rice cookers just put an end to those worries. You never have to worry about overcooked or burnt rice ever again in your life. Well textured fluffy rice will wait for you when you will come back after watching your favorite TV episode!

2. Automation

Mechanically and electrically control the heating process with exhaust outlets to regulate the flow of heat. You no longer have to worry about turning up or down the intensity of heat. All those stove related conundrums eliminated by automating the whole process of cooking.

3. Saves you a cook

The only care one needs to take with the electric rice cookers are stocking up the ingredients in one pan and remembering to switch it off when the whole thing is done. You dont need any cook for such simplistic process. Everything is simplified. It is a win win deal. You make a one time investment and save on a cooks salary!

4. Rice a staple food in your home?

Well say goodbye to all the constant monitoring every single day and serve your family everyday with perfectly cooked rice. Homes where rice is a staple food get a lot out of electric rice cookers. Just imagine having not to worry everyday about going through the whole process and still be able to cope up with your home needs with this little electrical appliance.

5. It comes it all sizes

Electric rice cookers come in all kinds of size and cope with all kinds of needs. There is no need to worry if your home is a social spot for gatherings or if you live in a combined family. The different 3-cup , 5 cup and 10 cup electric rice cookers cater to all kinds of family sizes. The amount of flexibility this appliances shows in these sizes is commendable.

6. Cooks all kind of rice

Whether you eat white rice , brown rice sushi rice or any other kind of it electric rice cookers are of various kinds and can cook all of them. Process is the same all that differs is the ingredients you provide to it at the beginning. THAT IS ALL! There are traditional rice cookers and then there are computer controlled cookers. They enable you to cook all kinds and flavours of rice present out there in an efficient if not speedy way.

7. Not only rice :

Rice cookers can not only cook various kinds of rice. They can cook potatoes oatmeal bake bread and any make any pot meal efficiently. Yes you read that right! Isnt that cool? To boot some rice cookers feature a separate steaming pot that can steam vegetables fish meat and anything you like! Different cakes and salads are often said to be worth given a try. Yes with a bit of patience and an element of curiosity you can play around with your cooker and bake a molten lava cake too! WOW!

8. Elegant looking Pot :

While serving guests and family you really dont have to pour the rice out into another bowl from the pot. The pot itself is an elegant nicely made serve-able appliance saving you the work to take your serving bowls too. Doesnt this thing a good enough package to buy without thinking?

Convinced yet? I hope so.

Your love for an item is determined by the benefits which it provides and entails no demanding work in particular. Isnot that what you read all the way down here? It is loveable because it is a package. It is not limiting and its flexibility can come in handy in your cooking life.