Electric Rice Cooker Reviews

Electric Rice Cooker Reviews

Here folks can browse other electric rice cooker brands & models that are also worth considering and have received a fair amount of consumer feedback to go on.

Please keep in mind that these cookers are just as good for the price as some of the other top brands mentioned on this site and offer the user good performance and quality.

Oyama Rice Cookers

Ranging from a 7 cup to a 10 cup capacity, these stainless steel inner bowl rice cookers offer folks decent cooking times, good quality rice, simultaneous food steaming, ease of use, and a great keep warm mode.

These models are worth comparing to the Miracle Exclusives stainless steel rice cooker as well since for the price they too remain a fair buy.

We did find some minor cons concerning these Oyama rice cookers, but for the most part believe it is an Overall Good buy. Discover More About Oyama Rice Cookers


Oster Rice Cookers

Another good and affordable rice cooker to consider are Oster cookers.

Although they may represent a step down from the above Oyama cookers, they do sport a more budget-friendly price tag and are more ideal for those who only want a rice cooker for once and a while use.

Especially if only regular white rice is on the menu for the most part.

Granted most of their digital models may seem a little outdated when compared to the newer Zojirushi, Sanyo, and Panasonic rice cookers, they do perform decently and cook a slightly above standard quality batch of rice.

True they are not a brand known for making fine top of the line rice cookers, but for folks who prefer to go with an Oster, it’s not the worst choice one can make. Discover More About Oster Rice Cookers


Krups Rice Cookers

Along with some Oster models, Krups also puts out a small line of digital and basic units.

After doing some further research and comparison, we feel that most of these rice cookers are stuck at their original prices and do not seem 100 percent worth purchasing since for spending just a little more money folks are presented with newer/better fuzzy logic technology rice cookers.

Not to say that Krups rice cookers are bad; it is just that we recommend folks have a look at other electric rice cooker brands such as the ones mentioned above. However, we did hear some positive things that many owners reported through the years of owning a Krups rice cooker, so it appears that at least on the durability front they seem to be going strong.


Basic Information on Electric Rice Cookers

There are two types of electric cookers currently on the market. These are simple one lever units and the more advanced digital or Fuzzy Logic cookers.

A basic rice cooker such as the Oyama rice cookers mentioned first on this page utilize a faster and more rapid cooking method which consists of high heat boiling until a temperature sensor detects little water is left switching the cooker into its keep warm mode.

Rice quality from basic cookers are average and similar to the texture one will achieve by stove top cooking.

A Fuzzy Logic electric rice cooker goes beyond the simple rapid boil method and uses a monitoring internal computer that will “pay attention” on how the rice is cooking making adjustments in temperature and cooking time.

Although this more advanced process equals longer cooking times, overall, rice quality is bumped up to higher standards with better flavor and texture. Even more so when cooking brown rice.

Speaking of which, there are also several rice type selections on most Fuzzy Logic electric rice cooker models such as white rice, brown rice, sushi, mixed, sweet, etc. Some even offer slow cooking benefits.