Cuisinart Rice Cooker

Cuisinart Rice Cooker Models

Below are the only two Cuisinart rice cooker models this company offers along with pictures, ratings, product descriptions, and common pros & cons. Overall, they cook good rice fast, will look good in most kitchens, and are easy to clean and maintain.

(models may or may not be available on the market at all times)

Cuisinart CRC-400

The Cuisinart CRC-400 4 cup rice cooker will cook rice and steam vegetables, and has an attractive stainless steel design. However it has its share of cons worth mentioning. (4 Cup Capacity)
Full Cuisinart CRC-400 Review

Cuisinart CRC-800

The moderately-priced Cuisinart CRC-800 8 cup rice cooker is a fair buy, but like the smaller CRC-400 has its shares of cons…perhaps a bit more. Read full review with ratings plus pros & cons. (8 Cup Capacity)
Full Cuisinart CRC-800 Review

More Information on Cuisinart Cookers

Currently there are two Cuisinart rice cooker models, a four cup cooker and an eight cup cooker.

A computerized model, the Cuisinart FRC-800, did hit the market briefly but has since been discontinued. You can read about that model here

Both models look identical with the only difference being that one is slightly larger. The exterior of these rice cookers are an attractive brushed stainless steel which does a fair job at resisting smudging; both come with a non-stick bowl and stainless steel steamer tray for simultaneous vegetable, poultry, or seafood steaming.

Also included is an easy to understand manual with recipes, plastic rice paddle, measuring cup, and removable glass top lid.

Easy to Operate

Both Cuisinart rice cookers have a simple one switch operation. All folks need to do is measure rice, add water, plug and press. Depending on cup size the meal is complete anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes.

Both models use a simple rapid boil method and do not have advanced technology such as Fuzzy Logic, nor do they offer settings for specific rice types or have a programmable timer. But despite the lack of features they do cook a nice bowl of moist rice.

But there seems to be a lot of consumer complaints out there regarding several issues that may not make these Cuisinart rice cooker steamer units worth it!

Spill Over Issues?

Since we ourselves own one of these rice cookers, we can confirm what others are saying; which refers to these cookers having a tendency to boil over. However, this is a common issue with all rice cookers of this glass top lid style and is not isolated to just Cuisinart

However, to help solve this issue, adding a little cooking oil to the rice along with some powered chicken seasoning seems to do the trick.

Another thing to mention is that the automatic sensor that detects when the rice is finished sometimes slips into the “keep warm” mode a little too late slightly crusting the bottom layer of rice.

But this isn’t anything that terrible but does happen from time to time, and once again is common with most, if not all basic rice cookers.

A Brief Look at the Models

The Cuisinart CRC-400

This model is the one we own which has the 4 cup capacity. It performs well and does a nice job at cooking white rice. But for brown rice and other types, due to its rapid boiling, adding the usual amount of water tends to make it come out under-cooked.

This means you need to add about 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup more water per 1 cup of brown rice, (experiment with others). This method of over-measuring means that you are limited to about 2 cups of brown rice total (approx. 6 cooked) since you hit the maximum water level limit.

And even still there is some trial and error to get it just right!

Cuisinart Rice Cooker CRC-800

This model is the larger 8 cup version, and like its small brother inherits the same issues as mention in our above article. As stated, it looks the same, performs the same, and comes with the same accessories.

The only pro is that for an 8 cup rice cooker, it is not overly cumbersome on countertops and does allow for more vegetables to be steamed thanks to its larger/deeper tray.

But we recommend reading the above review before purchasing, and to compare it to other rice cookers of similar size.

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