Cuisinart FRC-800 Review

Cuisinart FRC-800 8 Cup Rice Cooker

Price Range: Moderate

Rice Quality: Very Good

Benefits & Features: Multiple

Performance: Good

Pros vs. Cons: Pros Outweigh Cons
Overall Rating: Very Good

The Cuisinart FRC-800 rice cooker is Cuisinart’s latest model and with it come some newer and more advanced benefits and features over the older CRC basic units.

This multi-purpose rice cooker offers the user a nice array of settings that not only include regular rice but also include steaming, slow cooking, soup brewing, oatmeal, and risotto options. A huge improvement to their lineup which also adds good reason to consider this model over the more expensive Zojirushi competition that lacks some of these convenient add-ons.

However, at this time we are not sure folks can simultaneously steam food with the rice. Also, please note that the slow cooking setting is the same equivalent as cooking with a normal slow cooker on the high temperature setting and does not offer a low setting. Folks can select hourly increments though.

We have also learned that it saut├ęs for the first 10 minutes before the cooking process begins. Perfect for browning meat and locking in flavor prior to slow cooking.

Rice Quality & Settings

When using its primary function for cooking rice folks can select: white rice, brown rice, sushi rice, or risotto rice. In addition, when preparing white rice, the user can also select either a “hard” or “soft” texture; a nice little feature we fancy.

Through our research, we have gathered that the quality of the rice is of a very good standard as the Cuisinart FRC-800 uses Fuzzy Logic technology that monitors how the selected rice type/variety is cooking. A great benefit that fits the price.

The only drawback to that is that there is more of a wait until completion, but is worth the consistent perfected results! Keep in mind there is also a “quick cook” feature but quality is lowered.

This 8 cup rice cooker features a large well-lit display panel that is both easy to read and use. The settings are clear and all it takes to get going is the simple press of a few buttons.

The Cuisinart FRC-800 comes with a non stick thick aluminum bowl, rice paddle, serving spoon, steaming tray, measuring cup, and manual with some recipes.



  • attractive modern design
  • easy to use
  • makes very good quality rice without guess work
  • non stick serving and cleaning
  • multiple benefits & features




  • long cook times (more with brown rice)
  • no specific times for rice cycles
  • some reported boil over when cooking Irish oatmeal
  • only one temperature setting with slow cooking feature


Where to Buy a Cuisinart Rice Cooker

Purchase at

For the price, this Cuisinart 8 cup rice cooker is worth the cost. The pros outweigh the cons, it brings a lot of bells and whistles to the table, and makes very good quality meals (minus Irish oatmeal for some reason).

Overall, we feel the Cuisinart FRC-800 is the perfect cooker for folks who eat rice daily and also like to have soups, stews, and steamed vegetables on occasion.

A good all-in-one kitchen appliance from Cuisinart that could have been slightly better, but still blows the older CRC models off the counter.

Measurements Currently Unavailable | 8 Cup Capacity (approx. 24 Cups Cooked Rice)