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Cuckoo Rice Cooker Brand

Here folks can discover general information on Cuckoo rice cookers as well as links on where to buy these high quality Asian rice cooker units.

At this time we are unable to give our usual thorough reviews along with our rating system, but please do not let that discourage from buying these great rice cooker models.

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About Cuckoo Cookers

The Cuckoo pressure rice cooker is one of the best Asian rice cookers on the market. The brand comes in many different colors and styles to suit each person’s tastes.

The Cuckoo rice cooker CRP-HL1055F, for instance, has easily programmable and readable buttons as well as a large LCD screen. It includes a voice guide, induction heating, and cooks enough for ten people. The service power is 110V. Other features include a non-stick interior for ease of cleanup, fourteen safety features, easy top control, and multi-cooking.

Though the CRP-HL1055F rice cooker may sell for really high price not every form of Cuckoo is as expensive. The SR-0322 sells for medium price. The capacity is smaller, for serving up to 3 people, and many of the electronic bells and whistles are missing. However, the language is still Korean, and this little Asian rice cooker remains as high-quality as its more advanced relatives. It will last longer than lesser brands.

The most popular and best-selling Cuckoo rice cooker happens to also be the most expensive: the CRP-HN1054F in black and silver. Like the CRP mentioned previously, it features induction heating, voice guide, 110V service power, non-stick interior, and menu settings for various types of rice. Like many other Cuckoos, it can also easily cook rice cakes, steamed stew, meat, and GABA rice. Unlike the CRP, it also includes an automatic steam cleaning function to help with cleanup once cooking is finished.

Induction heating has become the superior method for pressure cooking foods. A normal Asian rice cooker uses a single heat-plate which can lead to burning and messy cleanup. Cuckoo cookers utilize induction heating, where magnetic fields generate heat through the coils of the heating plate for a far more even heating. The heating of meats and rice speeds up and is more thorough. The result is fully textured rice and delicious, tender meats from the inner pot.

Not every Cuckoo pressure rice cooker contains Korean lettering. Not only does this mean that those that do use Korean require knowledge of the language, but it also means those pressure rice cookers with English require a knowledge of English to some degree. This can be problematic for anyone who is unfamiliar with either language.

The price can be prohibitive to many families since many Cuckoos cost alot, but this durable cooker should be considered a long-term investment. The most expensive models are state-of-the-art and cutting edge in their technology, cooking food to precision with or without human supervision.

The Cuckoo rice cooker comes in several different capacities, from 30 people all the way down to three. For dinner parties where more than a dozen guests are expected, the SR-3010, CR-3021, or SR-2211 models, which cost alot, would be worth the investment.

Most families would do well with the 3- to 6-person capacity models, which tend to cost alot. This pricing scheme may seem counter-intuitive given a larger rice cooker should probably cost more given the amount of material used for it during production. The 30-person capacity cooker is fairly plain overall, without many of the technology that can be found on the smaller-capacity models, which also may not make much sense given larger dinner parties would still require the same level of high-class cooking as a small family dinner, if not more so.

Nothing cooks rice better than a Cuckoo pressure rice cooker. You definitely get what you pay for when buying this appliance if what you want is the absolute best in rice pressure cooking.