Cooker and Warmer Reviews

Rice Cooker and Warmer Reviews

Rice cooker and warmer reviews including brands like Zojirushi, Sanyo, Panasonic & Aroma. Many of these cookers come with great keep warm modes and make good to excellent quality rice depending on the model.

Some also offer additional benefits as well such as food steaming and slow cooking.

(models listed subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Zojirushi Rice Cookers

zojirushi rice cooker and warmer

Some of the best rice cooker and warmer units are made by this company.

Zojirushi cookers make great quality rice, use advanced fuzzy logic technology for monitoring how the rice cooks, and are well sealed which holds the rice at an ideal ready to serve temperature without drying it out. Granted most do not offer food steaming or slow cooking features, they are perfect for every day rice cooking when quality is in demand.

The Zojirushi NP Series are the most elite…the Zojirushi NS series a little more budget friendly with very good reviews, feedback, and performance.


Sanyo Rice Cookers

sanyo rice cooker warmer

For obtaining the same very high quality rice as with most Zojirushi cookers, folks may also want to consider a Sanyo rice cooker and warmer.

To date, we believe that all of their cookers have a keep warm mode and most come equipped with the same fuzzy logic monitoring technology that Zojirushi utilizes.

Models like the ECJ-HC55S, HC100S, and more recent ECJ-JG10W also come with additional features like food steaming and slow cooking benefits which means the user will have received more than just a rice cooker.

Their basic units like the EC models will let folks steam food and cook rice at the same time, but do not use rice monitoring technology so quality is average.


Panasonic Rice Cookers

panasonic rice cooker

Like Sanyo & Zojirushi, Panasonic also puts out a fine line of rice cooker and warmer models we would like folks to check out in addition.

Some cookers come with fuzzy logic technology making very good quality rice, whether it be white rice, brown rice, mixed or sushi, while others are more of your basic one lever “rapid boil” design and yield average quality rice.

However, the basic cookers that we have come across also allows folks to simultaneously steam food while the rice cooks below which is sort of an advantage over the fuzzy logic cookers.

Granted should folks prefer that additional steaming benefit while sacrificing guess-work-free high rice quality.

Panasonic rice cooker warmer units are affordable, come in different cup capacities, and perform well making them a good option to consider.


Aroma Rice Cookers

aroma rice cooker and warmer

Aroma Housewares also puts out a good line of rice cooker and warmer units worth researching.

Most Aroma rice cookers receive Good ratings on our site since we have gathered a majority of positive to neutral feedback on them while researching what others had to report.

Now while most do not offer advanced fuzzy logic technology, Aroma rice cookers do yield a good and average quality batch of rice.

Many models also come with a steaming tray allowing folks to steam food while cooking rice making it a perfect cooking machine for completing healthy meals all in one appliance.

They are also the most budget-friendly rice cooker warmer units offered on this page when comparing price, performance, and overall benefits.


For other good ideas, please consider Cuisinart Rice Cookers along with Black and Decker rice cookers.