Cheap Rice Cookers

Cheap Rice Cookers – Top 5 List

Posted on this page are cheap rice cookers that are not only worth consideration, but make good quality rice for the money. Also posted are links to for the best rice cooker deals.

(list subject to change as updates & new units become available)


Cuisinart FRC-800
This rice cooker is one of the most cheapest fuzzy logic rice cookers on the market, and for being such an affordable rice cooker it makes very good quality rice and offers a lot of additional benefits & features such as food steaming and slow cooking options.

When making rice, the FRC-800 offers the user settings for white rice (with 3 different texture settings), brown rice, sushi rice and risotto rice. It has an 8 cup capacity that will yield around 24 cups of cooked white rice.

The cooker utilizes Fuzzy Logic technology meaning the unit will think for itself when cooking the selected rice type and make fine temperature and cooking time adjustments along the way resulting in a very good standard batch of rice without over-spill or crusting issues.

At the time of this writing, the FRC-800 is currently priced at a low range. A good bargain for a computerized rice cooker when comparing to the much more expensive competition!


Aroma ARC-856 (ARC-717 Newer Model)
Another cheap rice cooker to consider is this Sensor Logic cooker from Aroma.

Like the above Cuisinart model, this cooker will monitor how the rice is cooking and make the necessary adjustments when and where needed.

The cooker has a medium-sized 6 cup capacity bowl that can prepare up to 18 cups of cooked white rice. Settings include white rice, brown rice, and sushi rice along with a porridge, steam, and slow cooking setting.

Although from what we have gathered the slow cooking setting could use a wee bit more improvement and has a max time of 2 hours making it a rather “fast” slow cooker.

It does however make very good quality rice, both white and brown, and performs very well with good consumer feedback.

It is low priced less than the Cuisinart FRC-800 minus a few bells and whistles.


Panasonic SR-TEG10
Third on our cheap rice cookers list comes this 5 cup capacity Panasonic model.

This is where we steer away from micro-computerized monitoring cooking and head into your more basic one lever design.

There are no settings with this cooker, and there are no additional benefits & features, just a keep warm mode for when the rice is finished cooking.

For the most part this rice cooker performs good and makes average quality rice, but do expect some trial and error when making brown rice, jasmine rice, mixed, etc. Also expect some slight rice crusting issues on the bottom layer.

However, one common con associated with cheap rice cookers folks don’t have to worry about with this Panasonic cooker is boil over messes thanks to the units sealed air tight domed lid.

Currently the cooker ismedium priced and receives a majority of positive consumer feedback on


Cuisinart CRC-400
Another good choice, and for a low price is this more basic Cuisinart model.

The CRC-400 is a 4 cup cooker, and there is also a larger 8 cup cooker as well, (CRC-800).

This small appliance has an attractive stainless steel design and cooks good quality rice at a nice pace. Usually a full batch is complete in under 25 minutes or less. Granted we have come across many reports that these units slightly crust the bottom layer of rice a bit and have a tendency to boil over. (see “help & tips” for more).

Before we created this site, I owned this unit and can confirm these small cons.

Also included with this affordable rice cooker is a stainless steel tray that allows the user to steam food while the rice is cooking; a neat little benefit to have.


Aroma ARC-733G
Last on our list, and currently the cheapest rice cooker that produces decent quality rice is this small 3 cup Aroma model.

It does everything the above Cuisinart does, including food steaming, is very easy and basic to use, cooks rice fast, is the perfect size for singles or couples, and fits comfortable on small counter tops.

The only thing we did not like about this cheap rice cooker is that the bowl is not non-stick, so clean up is more of a chore.

But for it’s low price is great to have for making that occasional batch of regular white rice.


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