Buy a Rice Cooker – Best Choices?

Before folks buy a rice cooker, spending a little time on this page should help in narrowing a better selection for themselves and their household.

We have put together some of the best rice cooker brands and models to consider when buying a rice cooker.

(model list subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Zojirushi Rice Cookers

These cookers are, as we state throughout this site, some of the most elite in the industry. When you buy a Zojirushi rice cooker, it usually turns out to be a great choice.

A large percentage of their models receive good consumer feedback, and the quality of the rice comes out to a very good to excellent standard whether you’re cooking white or brown rice.

For folks who eat mainly white rice or mixed varieties (brown, sushi, etc.) we recommend the following models since they are priced more moderately.

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 (5.5 Cup Capacity)
Zojirushi NS-ZCC-18 (10 Cup Capacity)
Zojirushi NS-LAC05 (3 Cup Capacity)
Zojirushi NS-RNC-10 (5.5 Cup Capacity)
Zojirushi NHS-06, 10, or 18 models (3, 6, & 10 Cup Capacity)

For those who prefer to buy a rice cooker for cooking brown rice more than white rice, and plan to use their cooker daily these more expensive Zojirushi units cook brown rice to near perfection using “GABA” and pressure induction heating cooking.

Zojirushi NP-HTC10 (5.5 Cup Capacity)
Zojirushi NP-HTC18 (10 Cup Capacity)
Zojirushi NP-GBC05 (3 Cup Capacity).

Not matter what Zojirushi you go with, from what we always read it more than likely with turn out great quality that will please.


Sanyo Rice Cookers

Lots of people who buy a rice cooker also go with this great brand.

Like Zojirushi, Sanyo employs internal rice cooking monitoring technology for making great guesswork free quality rice with most of their units. Whether folks are trying to cook better white rice or brown rice, a fuzzy logic Sanyo rice cooker will help aid in that area.

They are competitively priced, and in some cases may be better than their Zojirushi cousins for most Sanyo cookers come equipped with additional benefits and features such as steaming and slow cooking settings. Just something to keep in mind when wanting an appliance that is more than a rice cooker!

Some great models to consider when seeking a multi-tasking appliance are:

Sanyo ECJ-HC100S (10 Cup Capacity)
Sanyo ECJ-HC55S (5.5 Cup Capacity)
Sanyo ECJ-S35K (3 Cup Capacity)

All Sanyo computerized rice cookers come with an extra thick bowl for more evenly cooked rice, have quality parts, do not experience messy boil over issues, and have long keep warm modes.


Panasonic Rice Cookers

Our last recommend for folks who want to buy a rice cooker that is reliable and affordable is Panasonic.

Everyone knows about Panasonic from HD TV’s to vacuum cleaners…and when it comes to rice cookers we have found that they deliver a quality product in this department as well.

Now while they do have a line of basic one-lever rice cookers, some which we do not highly recommend but give good to fair ratings for, it is the better fuzzy logic units folks may want to consider.

They perform very similar as the above two brands do using internal monitoring for preparing high quality batches of rice along with sporting timer modes, vegetable steaming options, slow cooking settings, and keep warm modes.

The current models we recommend from Panasonic are:

Panasonic SR-MS103 (5 Cup Capacity)
Panasonic SR-MS183 (10 Cup Capacity)
Panasonic SR-DE103 (5 Cup Capacity)

For a look at more basic non-computerized one-lever cookers, consider:

Panasonic SR-TEG10 (5.5 Cup Capacity)
Panasonic SR-TEG18 (10 Cup Capacity)
Panasonic SR-G06FG (3 Cup Capacity)


So, those are some of the best rice cooker brands and models we recommend folks check out and read more detailed reviews on either here on our helpful site or on other review sites such as

We hope this information was useful for those searching to buy a rice cooker that will benefit them the most!

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