Buy a Panasonic Rice Cooker

For folks who prefer to buy a Panasonic rice cooker this page should help offer some quick insight about some of their more current units. Using modern technology, these machines cook brown rice & white rice to an above standard quality and perform well overall.

(models listed subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Panasonic SR-MS103

A close rival to the Sanyo ECJ-HC55S, this Panasonic 5 cup rice cooker brings a lot to the table and performs more than just a simple rice cooker.

Using fuzzy logic technology this unit takes most of the guess work out of cooking high quality rice by monitoring both cooking time and temperature resulting in a more perfected batch.

Specific on board settings are white rice, brown rice, and sushi rice. There is also a quick cook option, but from what we read, quality is lowered a bit.

In addition, there are settings for slow cooking and food steaming. However we are unsure if folks can steam food while the rice is cooking. We are also not sure of what the total slow cook time is or what temperature settings are offered.

To update the above, we’ve discovered there is a 12 hour max total cook time but no high or low temperature options.

When it comes to it, for folks who want to buy a Panasonic rice cooker that is versatile and does a lot for the money this is a good model to consider.

The bowl can yield around 15 cups of cooked white rice which is enough for feeding an average-sized household of 4 to 6 people.

Panasonic SR-MS183

For those who wish to buy a Panasonic rice cooker that has a larger bowl capacity, we recommend considering the SR-MS183.

Like the above unit, this rice cooker uses fuzzy logic technology to monitor how the selected rice variety is cooking instead of just simply boiling the water until there is none left.

We have gathered from several online reviews that the quality of the finished rice is good but more for white rice than brown rice. For some reason, this specific unit does not cook brown rice to the standard of other fuzzy logic cookers.

In fact, some owners state the user manual suggests using the slow cooking setting for cooking brown rice and gives instructions on how to do so. To update this review, we have learned that these reports were in regards with the older SR-MS182 model.

Overall, this is not a bad choice to go with, but for a few more bells and whistles, we recommend the Sanyo ECJ-HC100S over this model.

There is also a slow cooking and steaming feature on board too.

Panasonic SR-GO6FG

This neat little 3 cup rice cooker is great for folks who do not wish to spend a lot of money on a rice cooker and prefer something more on the basic side that is very budget friendly and easy to use.

This small rice cooker is just that, and although it does not have advanced monitoring technology for cooking rice, a batch does come out to an average “stove top” quality and is usually done in around 20 minutes or so.

All folks need to do is measure correctly using the included cup and water lines inside the bowl, plug in, and push down on a lever. The cooker does the rest and switches into a keep warm mode once the rice is complete.

For a low price, this cooker is a fair choice for single cooks and couples with limited counter space.


We hoped this page was useful for those looking to buy a Panasonic rice cooker that will fit the needs of their household. Also consider comparing the Aroma and Sanyo models before making a final selection.