Black and Decker Rice Cooker

Black and Decker Rice Cooker Reviews

This page provides a list of Black and Decker rice cooker models with pictures and ratings along with pros and cons. For a decent and fairly cheap rice cooker, consider these Black & Decker units.

(model list and/or overall rating(s) subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Black & Decker Models

Black and Decker RC3406 – The Black and Decker RC3406 3 Cup Rice Cooker (9 cups cooked) is a good choice for that quick bowl of white rice and steamed veggies with dinner. Discover fast cooking and easy clean up, but not much on advanced features or settings. (3 Cup Capacity)
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Black and Decker RC3303 – The Black and Decker RC3303 small rice cooker is another fair choice geared more towards single cooks that makes decent rice at a good pace for a low price. Please read our full review and compare the pros & cons first. (Unknown Cup Capacity)
Full Black and Decker RC3303 Review


Black and Decker RC866 – The Black and Decker RC866 is yet another basic rice cooker that makes a nice amount of decent rice, has good cook times, and is affordable. However, compare to other models on this site first. (10 Cup Capacity)
Full Black and Decker RC866 Review


Black and Decker RC436 – The Black and Decker RC436 8 cup rice cooker (24 cups cooked) will cook decent white and brown rice. But like the larger RC866 unit we recommend folks read our full review before buying. (8 Cup Capacity)
Full Black and Decker RC436 Review


Where to Buy a Black and Decker Rice Cooker

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Basic Information About These Units

If you’re going to buy a cheap rice cooker you’re also going to want it to do a decent job at cooking rice.

Before we go any further, let us mention that Black & Decker rice cookers are not the best choice rice cookers out there for cooking multiple types of rice since they use a rapid-boil-style method to cook rice.

However, most do offer simultaneous food steaming, but none as of the time of this writing come equipped with advanced rice type/texture settings or other advanced features.

Having stated that, what Black and Decker rice cookers are good for is saving some money in your wallet, and…yes you will get a decent bowl of rice as well. In fact, for people who mainly eat white rice these units will do just as good a job as other brands in the low price range!

They are just not as consistent or efficient with other or “harder” grain types such as brown, wild, mixed, or basmati. There will be some trial and error to get these rice varieties exactly the way you prefer. White rice just seems to be more easier and forgiving when using cheap rice cookers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that they also have a so-so look and feel to them and may not always fit the decor of all kitchens.

Affordable & Easy to Use

While they may not be as durable, last as long, or be as tremendously consistent as Tiger, Sanyo, and Zojirushi rice cookers, they will not cost nearly as much and be just as easy to use.

Most Black and Decker rice cooker models offer the simple one switch design where all folks need to do is measure their water and rice correctly, plug the unit in, and press the small lever located on the front of the cooker. The water will come to a rapid boil and depending on the cup capacity will be done between 20 to 30 minutes.

Once the rice cooker has completed cooking it will automatically turn to a “warm mode” keeping the rice moist and at a ready to eat temperature.

It is this “set it and forget it” style rice cookers most busy families sometimes prefer when other things are on the menu and there is little time to get supper ready.

Easy to Clean & Diverse Cup Capacities

Like all non-stick rice cookers, Black and Decker rice cookers are easy to clean. Rice will not stick to the inner bowls and washing in warm water with a mild soap and soft sponge is the recommended way of cleaning them.

The top lids are also easy to rinse as well, along with the plastic rice paddles that are included. From what we gathered these parts are also top rack dishwasher safe. (always confirm in manual first!)

As far as cup sizes, Black and Decker offers something for everybody. There are 3 cup capacity cookers for singles and couples, 6 cup for average-sized families, and 10 cups for large households or commercial/business use; each offering the same basic features.

Please note that these are the raw cup capacity sizes!


So when it comes down to it, for the money Black and Decker rice cookers are a fair choice for that simple and quick bowl of white rice. However, we give most a “fair” rating due to lack of features, balanced pros and cons, and overall quality of other rice types.

But when it comes down to it they are budget friendly and convenient for that once in a while bowl of regular white rice with dinner!