Best Stainless Steel Rice Steamer

Browse this page for the best stainless steel rice steamer models that can cook rice and/or prepare healthy steamed food. Some rice steamers do this task simultaneously.

Miracle Stainless Steel Rice Steamer Cooker

This cooker is one of the two units mentioned on this page that comes with an all-stainless-steel inner pot!

The cooker offers folks an easy to use one touch operation since all the user needs to do is measure the correct water to rice ratio, plug in, and push down on a lever. The cooker will do the rest and once complete will automatically switch into a keep warm mode that holds the rice at an ideal serving temperature.

The Miracle stainless steel rice cooker also comes with a steaming basket that lets folks prepare healthy steamed vegetables, seafood, poultry, etc. while the rice is cooking beneath. The progress can be easily monitored through the top glass lid allowing for better food steaming timing.

The steaming tray is also stainless steel.

Most folks love the stainless steel bowl since there are concerns regarding non-stick material, but the drawback is that this unit is not non-stick so expect some sticking on the bottom.

Another con about this rice steamer cooker is that since the top lid is not completely sealed, it tends to boil over. However, adding some powered chicken seasoning and a little olive oil helps solve this small problem.

The cooker has an 8 cup capacity that can yield around 24 cups of cooked white rice.

Sunpentown Stainless Steel Rice Steamer

Another great rice steamer to consider is the Sunpentown stainless steel 3 cup rice cooker.

Like the Miracle cooker, the Sunpentown also sports an all-stainless-steel inner bowl. However, this unit does not come with a steaming tray, nor is it designed to cook rice and steam food at the same time.

From what we gathered, this cooker uses two bowls when cooking the rice. The inner bowl inside the unit needs to be filled with water before adding the removable stainless steel cooking pot. This separates the two bowls from the heating element using a layer of water.

The heating element causes the water between the two bowls to boil and steam the rice until it is finished. At this time we do not believe folks need to add water inside the removable stainless steel pot. We will confirm this and update as new information becomes available.

Since this Sunpentown stainless steel rice steamer cooker has a sealed top lid, folks do not need to worry about starchy boil-over issues. But since it is non-stick, along with the Miracle cooker, do expect some rice sticking with this cooker as well.

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Rice Steamer Cookers

For folks who want an outer shell stainless steel rice cooker along with the benefits of non-stick performance, consider the Cuisinart CRC-400 or CRC-800.

Both cookers look alike, the CRC-400 a 4 cup cooker, the CRC-800 an 8 cup cooker, and come with a stainless steel steaming basket for preparing steamed food while the rice is cooking below.

While users will find that their rice does not stick, some may experience mild crusting issues at the bottom along with the possibility of boil-over issues as mentioned with the Miracle cooker above.

The Cuisinart stainless steel rice steamers offer both an easy one lever operation design along with the convenient auto keep warm mode.

For the price, these cookers perform decently and prepare good standard quality rice dishes (more of a learning curve for brown rice, jasmine, mixed, etc.).