Best Rice Cooker Cookbooks

Rice cooker makes cooking fun! Rice cookers are used widely because of their versatile and convenient service. Uses of rice cookers are getting popular day by day. Rice cooker enable cooks to cooking rice with ease. More over rice cookers are easy to clean and maintain. So, it becomes daily tools for cooking.

Lots of recipes can be cooked by a rice cooker. For best cooking experience and to get the test of various recipes you need a good Cookbook. This article is about some best Cookbooks available in market now. If your passion is cooking or just wants to getting started with rice cooker cooking then follow my article. I will show you some Best Rice Cooker Cookbooks based on its popularity.

Here is listing of Best Rice Cooker Cookbooks:

#1. The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook :

This is an amazing book on Rice Cooker cooking. This nice book provides 250 innovative and testy recipes. One thing you should be keeping in mind that rice is not only for cooking rice but it can also provide some delicious recipes.

This is also a perfect book for beginners. Many effective and delicious food recipes with Curry, Carrots, couscous, kamut and many more. This book also provides some recipes for variety of rice such as black, basmat.

#2. 300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes: Also Including Legumes and Whole Grains:

This book comes with huge number of useful and popular recipes. 300 amazing cooking recipes included in this book. According to the Author of this book, Rice Cooker is versatile machine and you have to use its best.

Including all types of rice this book also provides some fantastic recipes on Grits jambalaya, Barley cioppino and many more. You will find recipes for all types of rice in this amazing book

#3. The Pot and How to Use It: The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker:

You can guess easily about this book by its name. This book will show you ultimate way of cooking using rice cooker. This book is written for electric rice cooker. Lots of testy and delicious recipes are included in this amazing book.

If you want to test the versatility of electric rice cookers then you can give a try to this book.

#4. Rice Cooker Meals: Fast Home Cooking for Busy People:

This book is suggested for very busy people who cant manage enough time for cooking. Especially, these book recipes organized so nicely that, every recipe can be cooked within very short time and can be served to four people easily.

This book will save lots of your time and you can make delicious and healthy item on home easily.

#5. Rice Cooker Recipes: 50+ Rice Cooker Recipes Quick & Easy for a Healthy Way of Life:

The last one in my list is also a popular book on rice cooker cooking. This book comes with 50+ amazing and testy recipes. These books have some innovative recipes which can enhance your cooking passion.

This is a very useful and handy book within low budget.

Thats all for today guys. Find your desire one from the above list. I hope this book will help you lot and enhance your cooking passion.