Best 8 Cup Rice Cooker

8 Cup Rice Cooker Models

Before considering just any 8 cup rice cooker, take some time and research these best rated models. Below you will find a picture, brief description, and link to a more detailed page providing a full review for each.

As it stands, these are really the only eight cup rice cooker models that we have come across since a limited amount of this particular cup size are marketed. Ten cup rice cookers are the more popular large size.

(model list subject to change as updates & new units become available)

# 1

Cuisinart FRC-800 – This recently added Cuisinart model is worth reviewing as it offers a lot for the money.

The unit not only cooks very good quality white rice, brown rice, risotto, and even sushi rice, but also steams, slow cooks and prepares soups and oatmeal.

The Cuisinart 8 cup rice cooker uses Fuzzy Logic technology which is an internal monitoring computer that makes fine adjustments in temperature and cooking time for the specific rice variety selected. The usual result is above standard great tasting rice with consistent texture.

In addition, we think that this is the only 8 cup cooker that currently offers Fuzzy Logic (more are probably in the making so we’ll update as soon as possible!) Full Cuisinart FRC-800 Review


# 2

Tiger JNP-1500 – As we state on other pages, the Tiger JNP series are probably the best basic rice cookers on the market, and this 8 cup model is no different.

Expect very good evenly cooked rice (both white and brown) prepared in a decent time frame, ease of use, easy cleaning, and above all…durability. Seldom have we heard complaints of them dying young or losing their cooking consistency. In fact, some folks report owning them for over 12 years!

For the price and performance the Tiger JNP-1500 is one of the best cooker on this page. Full Tiger JNP-1500 Review


# 3

Aroma ARC-998 – Another good unit to consider is this 8 cup Aroma rice cooker steamer. Unlike the above Tiger model the ARC-998 comes with a tray allowing folks to simultaneously steam food, and in addition has specific settings for cooking white rice or brown rice.

Just measure correctly, plug in, select your rice by pressing a button, and forget…it is as easy as that!

Rice quality is good and clean up is fairly easy thanks to the non-stick removable inner bowl. It does however have a little longer than average cook time when compared to other models, mainly when cooking brown rice. Full Aroma ARC-998 Review


# 4

Aroma ARC-838TC – The Aroma ARC-838TC is yet another basic and easy to use rice cooker that for the price is worth checking out.

It does however fall a little short when compared to the ARC-998 as it does not offer specific settings for cooking white or brown rice, nor will it cook brown rice as good…but does come close. In fact at least the cooking times are a bit quicker despite the slight loss in quality, but still slower than average from what we hear.

This 8 cup rice cooker also comes with a steaming tray for preparing veggies and other food while the rice is cooking and is large enough to accommodate a nice amount of food for feeding several people (under normal portion sizes).

For what it offers at such a low price this model is a good buy. Full Aroma ARC-838TC Review


# 5

Cuisinart CRC-800 – The least recommended model on this page is the Cuisinart CRC-800.

While this model does have an attractive and stylish stainless steel design, it falls short on quality, performance, and overall customer satisfaction. We gave it a “Fair” rating due to several factors and many recurring complaints…mostly boil-over issues.

What this model does do well is make rice pretty quickly and like most of the above models allows folks to simultaneously steam food while the rice is cooking. Just don’t expect this cooker to behave like the other models listed here just because it is a little more money.

We guess it is sort of “ok” once you read our tips page and get past the learning curve, but there are better choices right out of the box. Full Cuisinart CRC-800 Review


Some Basic Knowledge

Great for feeding families between 4 to 8 people, an 8 cup rice cooker is the ideal size as it can prepare a bowl of around 24 Cups cooked rice (white rice). For households consisting of five people or less, a smaller 5.5 cup size would be more practical.

8 cup rice cookers are slightly larger than the common 5.5 cup mid-range size and therefore require a little extra counter space.

Steaming Benefits

Some 8 cup models come with a steaming basket or tray allowing folks to simultaneously prepare vegetables, eggs, seafood, poultry, or other food while their rice is cooking. A convenient additional benefit for making an entire health-conscious meal all in one unit!

Advanced Settings & Features?

There are only a few 8 cup rice cooker models that we have come across that offer advanced features and/or settings.

One unit in particular is the Aroma ARC-998 8 cup rice cooker steamer. This cooker has two settings, one for white rice and one for brown rice.

However, instead of utilizing “Fuzzy Logic” technology it simply boils the selected rice at different time intervals rather then using an internal computer that will actually monitor how the rice is cooking…a key benefit of the more expensive Fuzzy Logic cookers.

For such benefits such as specific rice settings, slow cooking, and Fuzzy Logic, folks are better off researching 10 cup cookers due to the much broader market. Yes, they are more expensive, in some cases a lot, but for the extra bells and whistles along with greater rice quality and capacity will prove worth it.

There are little 8 cup models that are manufactured, and none thus far offer such features.

Overall most 8 cup rice cookers remain more “basic” and for the price are more practical for occasional use…or for making that daily bowl of regular white rice with dinner!