Best 4 Cup Rice Cooker

4 Cup Rice Cooker Models

On this page are reviewed some of the best 4 cup rice cooker models available. Note that 4 cup capacity cookers are not as common as 3, 5.5, or 10 cup cookers and therefore remain more scarce. Please use the research on this page to help guide in your decision.

(model list subject to change as updates & new units become available)

# 1


Tiger JNP-0720 – For the money the best model here. This small rice cooker is easy to use, easy to clean, and makes great white rice along with good quality brown rice.

The Tiger JNP-0720 also has a fantastic keep warm mode further enhancing rice texture and quality and holds the rice at a moist ready-to-eat temperature for hours without drying it out. Overall, an excellent model to consider when seeking performance and durability. Full Tiger JNP-0720 Review


# 2

Cuisinart CRC-400 – Another good choice is this attractive stainless steel model. Although folks should not expect the same quality results as the Tiger model, the Cuisinart will get the job done.

Expect decent cooking times, easy operation and clean up, as well as good quality tasting rice. The CRC-400 also features a basket for simultaneous food steaming, but just keep in mind that the size is only ideal for about 2 people.

However, even being listed at “#2”, this 4 cup rice cooker has its share of cons. Discover more. Full Cuisinart CRC-400 Review


# 3

Aroma ARC-914B – Not trailing so far behind the Cuisinart and in the Number 3 spot is this Aroma compact rice cooker. Like the Cuisinart it too has come cons, but it also has its share of pros as it cooks fast, cleans fast, and is straightforward to use.

For that occasional bowl of hot moist regular white rice with dinner, and for its price tag, you can’t go wrong. However this cooker although labeled as a “steamer” does not come with a steaming tray. For that additional benefit folks may want to go with the Cuisinart.

This Aroma 4 cup rice cooker is more of your basic one-touch style cooker. Full Aroma ARC-914B Review



Basic Information

Like 3 cup cookers, the capacity of 4 cup rice cookers will only benefit households of 2 to 4 people. Also keep in mind that “4 cups” refers to the uncooked portion and water level, so in reality folks are yielding around 12 cups of cooked rice; (in rice cooker cup measurements).

The 4 cup size capacity is also not as common as 5.5 cup cookers (which are the middle-ground size), so therefore folks have a limited number of brands and models to select from. On the flip side we have found that at least half of these models offer simultaneous food steaming allowing the user the option to prepare an entire healthy meal all in one unit.

The catch to that is these included steaming trays or baskets are small and do not accommodate a lot of food, (a large portioned sweet potato or whole large chopped zucchini at best).

An additional thing to keep in mind is that through our research 4 cup rice cookers do not come with micro-computerized or advanced Fuzzy Logic technology and remain more of your “rapid boil” style type cookers.

Fuzzy Logic takes most of the guess work out of cooking rice as it monitors how the rice is cooking adjusting temperature and cooking times.

There are also specific rice settings on most Fuzzy Logic cookers such as sushi, brown, mixed, and white rice. So ask yourself if these types of cookers will prove more beneficial in your kitchen and research our “Best 5 Cup Cookers” page on the Navbar.

Granted these models are more expensive, but may be worth it. Some even offer slow-cooking features.