Best 10 Cup Rice Cooker

Best 10 Cup Rice Cooker Models

On this page folks can research some of the best 10 cup rice cooker models that we have gathered. For a more detailed description along with a full review plus ratings, please click on Model Number below.

(model list subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Micro-computerized 10 Cup Cookers

# 1

Sanyo ECJ-HC100S – Our top recommendation is this 10 cup Sanyo rice cooker which offers a wide-array of features and benefits!

The ECJ-HC100S makes very good quality rice and has several rice types (settings) folks can select from such as white, sushi, brown, etc. The unit also comes with a built-in slow cooking benefit and comes with a separate bowl for preparing an entire meal. Folks can even steam vegetables, eggs, poultry, seafood, and other food with the included tray.

For what it offers, how it performs, along with the quality and consistency makes this an excellent value for the price. Full Sanyo ECJ-HC100S Review


# 2

Panasonic SR-MS182 – Next on out list is this panasonic model that like the Sanyo makes awesome quality rice, slow cooks, and also allows folks to prepare steamed foods.

The rice cooker is moderately-priced, is well built, and performs without problems. The digital interface and soft touch buttons make this appliance easy to operate and the non-stick removable inner bowl allows for easy serving and cleaning. Brown rice is of an average quality standard though.

Overall, another great deal and value for a 10 cup rice cooker. Full Panasonic SR-MS182 Review


# 3

Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 – Making 3rd place under the micro-computerized units is this great Zojirushi model and if it were 30 bucks or so cheaper and offered a steaming feature it would have scored “Number 2”.

But for what it lacks in those convenient additional features it makes up for in great rice quality and is just as good (if not a tad better) as the first two above models.

The Fuzzy Logic technology and specific rice settings this Zojirushi rice cooker comes with means folks will always have a consistent bowl of moist and fluffy rice every time. It is not complicated to use and is pretty simple to clean, and while it may take longer to cook compared to a stove top pot, is worth the extra wait. Full Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 Review


Basic 10 Cup Rice Cookers

# 1

Tiger JNP-1800 – As folks can read on all our other “best cup sizes” pages the Tiger JNP series remain top choice.

This basic 10 cup rice cooker may be the more expensive of the three listed, but is worth the money for folks who seek delicious moist and fluffy rice whether it be white rice or brown rice, and who plan on using it frequently.

Other pros about this Tiger rice cooker is that it will not loss its consistency during constant use, has a great keep warm mode holding the rice for hours without losing moisture, and is extremely durable with owners reporting a lifespan over 12 years. Discover more. Full Tiger JNP-1800 Review


# 2

Zojirushi NHS-18 – Another good-rated rice cooker to consider is this 10 cup Zojirushi NHS-18 model.

Now while we have heard some recurring yet minor issues concerning this unit, (mainly mild complaints of water “spitting” out of the top steam hole) overall at the time of writing this review it has received 4 ½ Stars in Amazon’s customer review section and remains a good buy.

Probably not the best choice for making brown rice, but is perfect for folks who prepare regular white rice on a daily basis. And yes…this rice cooker can also steam food and is simply to use. Full Zojirushi NHS-18 Review


# 3

Aroma ARC-940SB – And coming in third is the Aroma ARC-940SB which is an attractive easy to use and practical rice cooker for daily or occasional use.

As like the above two this rice cooker can simultaneously steam food while the rice is cooking, and does not come with all the issues that most lesser basic rice cookers are known for. It will not boil over or ruin an entire batch of rice by burning the bottom layer (some mild crusting may occur).

The rice quality is good and it cooks at a nice pace, in most cases a whole 10 cup bowl will be ready in under 25 minutes. Affordable, well-built, and easy to clean without major hassle. Full Aroma ARC-940SB Review


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Basic Information…

Offering a large rice cooker capacity, 10 cup rice cookers can prepare up to 30 cups of cooked rice and are the perfect family sized rice cooker choice for feeding households of 5 to 10 people.

Due to their large cup size, households under five people would benefit more from a smaller 5.5 cooker when making just plain rice (minus steaming and slow cooking). Keep in mind that ten cup rice cookers require a little extra counter space as well.

Brands and Models

A 10 cup rice cooker is also the most common large rice cooker size and therefore come in a wide-array of brands and models folks can select from. Top brands like Zojirushi and Tiger, to more commonly known brands like Panasonic, Sanyo, and Aroma all have a line of 10 cup cookers.

Micro-computerized & Basic

Not all 10 cup rice cookers are the same. Some are more of your one-lever basic set up…just measure, plug, and press; where as some models come with an internal monitoring computer built in.

The micro-computerized units are the more expensive but will be worth the investment as the user is offered several if not multiple benefits.

Using Fuzzy Logic technology, such ten cup rice cookers will do more than boil the rice finished, but instead will monitor how the rice is cooking making fine adjustments between temperature and cooking time when and where needed.

The result is a perfectly cooked bowl of moist fluffy rice after each and every use. It is true when folks say these cookers take most of the guess work out of cooking rice.

Micro-computerized cookers are even more beneficial when cooking brown rice and most 10 cup rice cooker models will come equipped with several rice settings, a steaming feature, and in some cases a slow cooking feature allowing the owner to complete an entire healthy meal all in one appliance.

For more information along with specific details, please browse through our best-rated models above.