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Asian Rice Cooker Review & Comparison

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A Look at Asian Rice Cooker Brands and Models

Preparing perfectly cooked rice is faster and easier with state-of-the-art rice cookers that employ induction heating, pressurization systems and fuzzy logic technology. Zojirushi and Cuckoo are two of the most popular brands of Asian rice cookers, but there are several key differences in the way they operate.

Zojirushi rice cookers are manufactured in Japan and have pressure levels between 0.4 and 0.6 kilograms. This affects the way starch is gelatinized during the cooking process. South Korean pressure rice cookers manufactured by Cuckoo maintain higher pressure levels between 0.8 and 0.9 kilograms, which results in superior gelatinization.

What is Fuzzy Logic Technology?

Both manufacturers use advanced fuzzy logic technology that was conceived in the 1960s. This intuitive technology uses computer chips that detect and respond to conditions, so rice is cooked perfectly every time. Zojirushi rice cookers feature Micom fuzzy logic technology, and Cuckoo rice cookers use comparable Minicom systems.

Entry-Level Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers


Entry-level Cuckoo rice cooker models include the CR-1051, CR-0331 and CR-0631. These conventional Asian rice cooker models do not have an LCD screen or other expanded features. They do not maintain pressure like Cuckoo’s advanced CRP systems. However, they are affordable, effective options for first-time buyers who want to try a top-rated Asian rice cooker without spending too much. Most CR cookers retail for medium price range. All CRP models feature the addition of advanced pressurization systems and fuzzy logic technology. Several top-of-the-line models also use magnetic induction heating systems that improve efficiency and reduce cooking times.


Premium Rice Cookers


Cuckoo’s top-of-the-line CRP-HD1010F rice cooker employs an advanced triple pressure system with magnetic induction heating technology and fuzzy logic controls that maintain the ideal levels of pressure and heat throughout the cooking process. This powerful combination of technology allows users to enjoy perfectly cooked rice in 12 minutes, which is roughly half the time it would take to cook rice in a conventional rice cooker.

Zojirushi’s NP-HTC10/18 rice cooker is their most advanced model. It’s also their only system that combines induction heating, pressurization and fuzzy logic technology. Cuckoo manufactures several models that have all three performance-enhancing features. These premium models include the CRP-HN1054F, CRP-HL1055F, CRP-HS0657F, and the CRP-HD1010F, which sell for high price. Cuckoo has a large selection of full-featured rice cookers in several convenient sizes and stylish colors.


Popular Rice Cooker Features

One of the newest and most exciting features available with Cuckoo rice cookers and top-of-the-line Zojirushi rice cookers is a GABA activator. This innovative feature allows users to increase the availability of the naturally occurring amino acid GABA, which is found in brown rice. GABA is believed to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and enhance kidney function. Soaking brown rice at 104 degrees for two hours prior to cooking activates GABA.

Cuckoo has also introduced a superior non-stick finish known as Xwall. This durable finish resists scratches, withstands overheating and stands up to salt, impacts and abrasive materials. Auto steam functions make cleanup a breeze.

Asian rice cookers from both manufacturers are packed with user-friendly features. With a pressure rice cooker, users can quickly and effectively cook white rice, sushi rice, brown rice and rice blends. Pressure rice cookers can also be used like a crock pot to cook meat, make stew and prepare other meals.

South Korea’s Cuckoo rice cooker brand offers users the best features. Their units are available in a wide variety of sizes that are ideal for preparing rice for a family or a large group. Each Cuckoo rice cooker is loaded with safety features and multi-cooking tools that ensure each grain of rice is perfectly cooked each and every time.

So those are your current Asian rice cooker brands & models worth consideration. I hope this page proved helpful for those looking for a reliable advanced rice cooker.