Aroma Rice Cooker

Aroma Rice Cooker Models & Reviews


Below is a list of top-rated Aroma rice cooker units with descriptions, pros & cons, and detailed pictures. Click on Model Number to explore each rice cooker in further detail.

(models may or may not be available on the market at all times)


Aroma Digital Models

Aroma ARC-1010SB

The Aroma ARC-1010SB rice steamer and cooker will make 10 cups of good quality white and brown rice, steam vegetables, as well as prepare soups and stews. One of the several computerized cookers offered by Aroma. Discover more.
Model Review Soon

Aroma ARC-930SB

Next comes the Aroma ARC-930SB rice steamer cooker which is pretty much the same as the above ARC-1010SB only with a stainless steel outer shell. We still gave it its own review however based on what others had to report.
Full Model Review Soon

Aroma ARC-998

Another Good and easy to use Aroma rice cooker that offers two rice settings (white and brown), steams vegetables, and has an affordable price tag. Attractive stainless steel design fits most kitchen decors. (8 Cup Capacity)
Full ARC-998 Review



Aroma Basic Models

Aroma ARC-940SB

Have a large family? Consider the Aroma ARC-940SB 10 cup rice cooker. The ARC-940SB also acts as a rice steamer for preparing veggies, and is also perfect for soups and stews! (10 Cup Capacity)
Full ARC-940SB Review


Aroma ARC-1260F Series

The 10 & 6 cup capacity ARC-1260F series are basic set and forget sealed top lid cookers that allows folks to prepare between 18 to 30 cups of decent quality white or brown rice in about the same time it will take on a range. Users can steam food using the included basket while cooking rice too.
Full ARC-1266F Review (6 Cup) 10 Cup Model Review Soon

Aroma ARC-838TC

The 8 Cup Aroma ARC-838TC rice cooker is simple to use, cooks good white rice and decent brown, and can steam food as well. See full review with additional ratings along with pros & cons. (8 Cup Capacity)
Full ARC-838TC Review


Aroma ARC-914B

The small Aroma ARC-914B 4 cup rice cooker may cook decent rice for when you’re in a hurry but does have its share of cons. It offers easy clean up, a good price tag, and a compact size for small counter tops. model comes in several styles…stainless steel model shown here (4 Cup Capacity)
Full ARC-914B Review

Aroma ARC-730G

This 10 cup Aroma ARC730G model is our first “pot style”, removable-top-lid cooker presented on this main page. Cooks rice fast and allows folks to monitor the cooking process by pearing through the clear top lid; steams food on a non-stick rack while rice cookers below. Easy one-lever operation.
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Aroma “ARC-740” Series

Reviews of the “pot style” Aroma rice cooker ARC-740 series rice cooker and steamer models. Units prepare fair quality rice and steam food together all in one unit. Easy to use and clean with mulitple color choices.
Full ARC-747 Review (7 Cup) Full ARC-743 Review (3 Cup)

Aroma “ARC-750” Series

The Aroma ARC-750 series rice cookers are basically the same units as the above 740 series but sport stainless steel pots and steaming baskets instead of non-stick pots. They cook good quality rice, but are more expensive and are not non-stick. Steam tray sold separate. White outer sheel color only.
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Older/Discontinued Models

Aroma ARC-1000
Aroma ARC-856
Aroma ARC-960SB
Aroma ARC-733G

General Information…

Is Buying an Aroma Cooker a Wise Choice?

To answer that question, as briefly mentioned on our Home Page, ask yourself what you will need it for, how often you will use it, how much you are willing to spend, and how “perfected” you like your brown rice.

Aroma rice cookers provide more of a basic set up, and even though there are a few models that utilize what Aroma calls “Senor Logic” technology, at the time of this writing most do not.

Special Update! As of January 4th, 2010, we have seen a new line up of Aroma models that come equipped with Sensor Logic Technology…we will keep our visitors updated as soon as we receive some feedback on these new units.

Aroma’s cookers provide more of your general one switch easy to use operation, and simply boils the rice. There is a sensor at the bottom that estimates when your rice is finished cooking, and switches to a keep warm mode to maintain heat and moisture.


No Hassel Operation!

Some folks actually favor the easy “measure, add water, and plug & set design”. As far as rice quality, we did not hear of any negative feed back, and these cookers do pretty much the same job as cooking rice on a stove top. If white rice is the type you normally prepare, these cookers do just fine! But…

A few Aroma rice cooker models do not offer many features like specific settings for different rice types, so there is a bit of a learning curve on both water to rice ratio and rice consistency. Don’t be too discouraged if for the first few uses your rice is either under-cooked or over-cooked. This is the nature of cooking rice using a new tool.

However, even more high end rice cookers may come with that little con, but their onboard technology will usually adjust and be more forgiving.


Steam Vegetables and Cook Rice

Some Aroma rice cooker models allow for simultaneous rice cooking and vegetable steaming. They will come with a tray or rack which is great for making healthy side dishes. Steam seafood, poultry, and sweet potatoes as well.

Very convenient for making a meal all in one unit, and on average (depending on cup size) anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes too!

Cup Sizes

One thing we found about the Aroma rice cooker brand is that they offer a line up of practically every cup size! From 3 cups all the way up to commercial 48 cup capacity. There will be something for single cooks, large households, restaurants and diners.