Aroma Rice Cooker and Steamer

For folks looking for an Aroma rice cooker and steamer combo, this page will offer some insight on 3 models worth considering.

(model list subject to change as updates & new units become available)

Top Aroma Rice Steamer Models

Aroma ARC-856

Sporting a stay cool handle, spatula holder, drip-free condensation collector, and sealed top lid design, the Aroma ARC-856 is one of the best micro-computerized rice cooker steamer models for the price tag.

It will cook white rice, brown rice, and sushi rice to a very good quality standard, each variety having its own specific rice setting, and can also prepare healthy steamed food while the rice is cooking.

This Aroma rice cooker and steamer combo also allows folks to prepare soups and stews since it has a slow cooking setting as well. However, this setting could have used a wee bit more improvement since there are no temperature or specific timer controls.

The Aroma ARC-856 rice steamer cooker has a total 6 cup bowl capacity that can yield around 18 cups of cooked white rice. (some other website descriptions state 12 cups in error).

The rice cooker comes with a non-stick bowl, rice paddle, soup ladle, steaming tray, special measuring cup, and manual. A great choice for medium-sized households that want a multi-tasking kitchen appliance that can make enough rice for everyone.

Aroma ARC-1000

The Aroma ARC-1000 rice cooker is a 10 cup cooker that can prepare up to 30 cups of cooked white rice. This model is ideal for large households (6 or more people) and like the above Aroma ARC-856 model offers folks Sensor Logic technology along with additional simultaneous food steaming benefits.

This model does not have a slow cooking setting.

We did hear several complaints about this unit crusting the bottom layer of rice and since then dropped its Overall Rating to just Good from “Very Good“.Something which is a rare condition with rice cookers utilizing computerized monitoring technology!

However, the Pros & Cons with this Aroma rice cooker and steamer model are mostly balanced as it performs well, does not boil over, offers 3 different rice settings, and cooks rice at a good standard quality all while steaming food in the above tray.

Aroma ARC-733G

For folks who prefer a small Aroma rice steamer, consider the Aroma ARC-733G.

This 3 cup cooker can prepare around 9 cups of cooked white rice and also comes equipped with a steaming tray for preparing cut vegetables, shrimp, or poultry. In fact, for such a small cooker, the steaming tray is a nice size.

One thing to note however is that this cooker is more of your basic one lever set and forget unit. It will not monitor how the rice is cooking, nor does it offer different rice settings, so preparing brown rice, mixed, jasmine, or sushi will require a slight learning curve.

Another thing to point out is that the inner bowl in not a non-stick material and is made of aluminum. Rice does tend to stick to the bottom which will result in some wasted rice.

Folks will also have to monitor for possible boil-over issues, but positioning the top lid at an angle, using powered seasoning, or using aluminum foil as a temporary top lid will help solve that small problem.

Other than that it is a neat little cooker that gets the job done fast and is the perfect size for live-alone chefs or couples.

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